Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Asia Times Online, Open season for jihadis, 27 July 2005: "Pakistan's leading monthly magazine, Herald, has published a detailed eyewitness account backed with photographs on how youths are trained in militant camps in the central region of North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), Mansehra. The story was so accurate that the government could not deny it, although it issued orders to 'fix' the publisher." Details of the article can be found in Herald, Back to camp. This is just a paragraph or two - you have to buy the magazine for the rest. However, I picked up this from OutlookIndia, Open For Admission: the terrorist training camps are alive and kicking in Pakistan. In fact, they're hiring, 10 July 2005 which includes photos related to the same issue:

"Almost all the major jehadi outfits have re-launched their campaigns to recruit volunteers. The most effective instrument of these groups to propagate jehadi culture are their publications (Ghazwa, Majalla, Zarb-e-Taiba, Shamsheer, Zarb-e-Momin etc) which together boast a circulation of millions and are distributed across Pakistan free of cost. These publications feature jehadi ballads, impressive interviews and profiles of young jehadis with big pictures, verses from the Quran, and letters from the readers to inspire the readers, particularly the youth."

Print publications are still extremely important, despite the many discussions about the impact of the web - it all has to be seen in context.
Asia Times Online, Indian police get mobile over porn, 28 July 2005
Asia Times Online, The new Malaysian dream, 27 July 2005
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Al-Qaeda 'kills Algerian envoys', 27 July 2005: "A group claiming to be al-Qaeda in Iraq says it has killed two Algerian diplomats, in a website statement. "
The Register, Internet has 'given Al Qaeda wings' claims BBC potboiler | 27 July 2005 pertinent review from The Register by John Lettice, which I would encourage prospective producers of similar programmes to read., Poking Fun at the Terrorists, 26 July 2005 somewhat controversial, but thought I should include it here (as always, the Disclaimer patrols this blog): "Humor has once again been in short supply following the series of violent terror attacks in London and the Middle East this month. But a new Web site bravely tries to get us to laugh about it. The site, called, urges readers to send in pictures of themselves which could be then sent to the media in case they are ever killed in a terror attack.", Let's Go Terror, 25th July 2005 well, it's been out a while, but has received more coverage recently, including this article by Yassin Musharbash: "Found recently on the Internet, the brochure is a travel guide for the jihad, a how-to for the mujahedeen. Entitled 'This is the Way to Iraq: To All Who Want to Join the Mujahedeen in the Land of Two Rivers,' the pamphlet was written by 'The Islam Doctor.' It's goal: to help would-be terrorists overcome the difficult task of sneaking into the country. It was posted on a Web site affiliated with al-Qaida.", Afghanistan: Arab fighters announce new leader, 27 July 2005: "Arab mujahadeen militants in Afghanistan who entered the country to fight alongside al-Qaeda and the Taliban against the forces that toppled the extremist Islamic regime, have announced that they have a new commander. The man - identified as Egyptian national Abu Khalas - will command militants fighting in the eastern region of Konar, according to the Islamic Internet site, Islammemo."
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran body seeks suicide 'martyrs', 26 July, 2005: "An advertisement in an Iranian publication has called for people to come forward for 'martyrdom operations' against the enemies of Islam. "
BBC NEWS | Programmes | The New al-Qaeda: have your say, 26 July 2005 reaction to Peter Taylor's programme on ''. Clearly, there is a link between that programme and this blog - in terms of content - and judging by the reactions there are a number of worried viewers. However, I am not in a position to comment on the programme at present - as I didn't watch it (note: BBC2W - Wales digital channel didn't show it, and that's all I can pick up!). I have had a copy made, which I will watch and discuss in due course. Understandably, the topic has picked up substantial sensationalistic media attention in the past few weeks - but has to be seen in a slightly broader perspective to some of the reports I have seen.
AP/, Militants Say They'll Kill Abducted Envoys, 27 July 2005: "Al Qaeda in Iraq said it would kill two Algerian diplomats who had been abducted in Baghdad, and a video made public Tuesday showed the men blindfolded and in captivity. "
Reuters AlertNet - UK police arrest four in London bomb hunt, July 27 2005: "London's Metropolitian police would not comment on whether a bomber had been captured, but said one of the four men arrested in the city of Birmingham was en route to the capital for questioning at a high security detention centre."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005, Say G-WOT? - Terror attacks, Taliban resurgence, suicide bombs obviously, it's time to change the slogan. July 26 05: "One question comes to mind while reading the New York Times' report today that the Bush administration has decided to change the name of its counterterrorist campaign from 'the global war on terrorism' to 'the global struggle against violent extremism': Are these guys really this clueless?", Bin Laden family requests surname change, 26 July 2005 "The on-line newspaper Arabian Business reports that "the relatives of the 'sheikh of terror' no longer want to be recognised as belonging to the bin Laden family and have therefore asked to change the surname on their passports.""
BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Van Gogh killer jailed for life, 26 July, 2005: "Mohammed Bouyeri, who has joint Dutch-Moroccan nationality, had made a courtroom confession and had vowed to do the same again if given the chance", Al Qaeda Has Been 'Shattered' in Pakistan, Musharraf Says, July 26, 2005
Asia Times Online, Just who's emboldening terrorism?, 26 July 2005 opinion piece by Ramzy Baroud (teacher of Mass Communication at Curtin University of Technology). "One must not subscribe to the illusion that the Iraq debacle is just a temporary nuisance that can be weathered by a few billion dollars and a few thousand lives; that questioning the Bush administration's actions is not only unpatriotic, but in fact it provides the enemy with a moral boost and fuels their insurgency; that the insurgents are a bunch of disgruntled Sunnis without a cause, randomly blowing up people because they despise democracy and the spreaders of democracy for marginalizing them, and so forth."
Asharq Alawsat, Only a Third of Saudi Mosques Allowed Preaching Activities, 25 July 2005: "Dr. Tawfiq al-Sudayri, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call, and Guidance for mosques' affairs, has revealed that local and central mosques in Saudi Arabia offer annually around 1 million preaching and propagation activities, adding that just over 300,000 of them are approved and the 1 million is the total number of lessons that have not been recorded when added to the recorded ones.

"He affirmed to 'Asharq al-Awsat' that there are mosques' observers in the kingdom's various parts who go to listen to the sermons and ensure they do not contain any unsound calls or incite terrorism. He said the ministry informs the executive authorities in the kingdom's provinces if it discovers any violation so that it can take the legal measures for punishing those responsible for them."
Asharq Alawsat, PC penetration in the Middle East region to double by 2008, 24 July 2005: "PC penetration in the GCC and Levant regions is set to double by 2008. The number of PCs expected to be sold in the two regional blocs between 2003 and 2008 will be around 15 million units, according to a study by Dubai-based Madar Research Group."
Asharq Alawsat, Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi: al-Zarqawi "Spiritual Godfather", 26 July 2005 interesting profile by Mshari Al-Zaydi of Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi (photographed sitting by his computer): "Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi, born in 1962, has, once again, made the headlines of extremist news bulletins and amongst followers of the Salafi movement (following the methods of the early Muslims) who espouse jihad (holy struggle) and of which he can be considered “the Godfather”."
Khaleej Times Online, Who created the ‘evil ideology’ By Mohammed A. R. Galadari, 25 July 2005 opinion piece: "Dear readers, it will be educative to find out who created the monster of terrorism that Tony Blair and others calls the 'evil ideology', in the aftermath of the July 7 incidents in London.", Pakistan Hit by Islamist Backlash, 26 July 2005: "Spiraling conflict between the Pakistan army and Islamist militants along the Afghan border, straddled by pro-Taliban, Pashtun tribes, has led security analysts to talk of a full-fledged insurgency that poses a graver threat to the country than admitted by authorities."
Press Association/Guardian Unlimited | UK Latest | BBC suicide attack film condemned, 26 July 2005 film of the ambush of three Black Watch soldiers was used in 'The New al-Qaeda' programme last night: "The shocking footage of the ambush was shown on BBC journalist Peter Taylor's investigation into how terrorists use the internet for propaganda."
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Two-thirds of Muslims consider leaving UK, 26 July 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Islamic scholars urge unity to fight terror, July 25, 2005 "A conference of Islamic scholars from around the world yesterday denounced the recent terrorist attacks on London as "barbaric and inhuman", and called on the public and media to work more closely with the Muslim community to fight extremism.", Politics, the only weapon against global jihad, says French expert, 25 July 2005: "'The conflict is a global one because the organisations that use al-Qaeda as their reference point, apply the concept of international jihad,' says Dominique Thomas, a Paris-based Islamic terrorism expert, and author of several essays and books on Islamic radicalism. ", Pakistan: Religious Parties condemn raids on hardline Islamists, 21 July 2005: "The law, known as the Hasba Bill calls for the establishment of a new department to 'discourage vice and encourage virtue.' It will be headed by a cleric called 'mohtasib' - one who holds others accountable - who will be nominated by the government and the his main function would be to 'ensure adherence to Islamic values in public places.' ", Al-Qaeda Warn Sunnis to Stay Away from Likely Targets, 25 July 2005: "An internet site statement issued by the network has read that Muslims should stay away from 'places of betrayal and immorality' so as not to be harmed. "
RIA Novosti - Opinion & analysis - Terror in Dagestan has religious roots, 25 July 2005:

"Shariah Jamaat assumed responsibility for the July 1 attack in Makhachkala and a series of other recent political assassinations, including that of Magomed-Zagid Varisov, a public opponent of Wahhabism. In March this year, Jamaat proclaimed an all-out war against Dagestani law enforcers allegedly guilty of 'murdering Muslims.'

"Second, the organization has declared its goals clearly and boldly: The creation of an Islamic state in Dagestan and the liquidation of Russia's military and political presence in the Russian Caucasus. After the tragedy in Makhachkala, it issued a statement over the Internet stating its readiness to 'land a group of Dagestani mujaheddin in Moscow to stage a series of subversive attacks.' "
Reuters AlertNet - Police name two suspects in London bomb hunt, 25 July 2005: "The head of Britain's anti-terrorist branch Peter Clarke said they were looking for Yasin Hassan Omar and Muktar Said- Ibrahim or Muktar Mohammed-Said."
BBC NEWS | Wales | Wales' race tension and tolerance, 25 July 2005: "Egyptian journalist Mustafa El-Menshawy spent 10 days in Wales, a period which included the 7 July London bombing. As London absorbs the shock of another attack, this is his view of race relations in Wales. "
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click Online | Mobile phones boom in Tanzania, 25 July 2005: "Some 97% of Tanzanians say they can access a mobile phone, and what is just as interesting, as in many African countries, is how those phones are being used." Click Online frequently has reports relevant to this blog. There is also the option of viewing the video on this story.
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Islamic militant or revolutionary?, 25 July 2005, Pressure is growing on Muslims in Italy, 25 July 2005: "As a second wave of London bomb attacks hit the news Thursday, Imam Khaldi Samir clicked nervously at his office computer, next to the prayer hall at the Alhuda Islamic Cultural Association on the outskirts of Rome. Bombs in London, he has seen, produce fallout for him. "
Reuters AlertNet - Pakistanis suspected in Egypt Red Sea blasts - TV, 25 July 2005: "Egyptian police are searching for up to nine Pakistani suspects in the bomb attacks that killed scores of people at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Arab television channels said on Monday." middle east news information::Baghdad: More than 20 dead in bombing attack, 25 July 2005: "Iraq's al Qaeda wing posted on Saturday a new Internet video of an Egyptian envoy to Iraq it claimed to have killed earlier this month after several reports emerged he may still be alive."

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Terror links of the Tottenham Ayatollah - Sunday Times - Times Online, July 24 2005 go beyond the headline for the latest allegations (+ a few repeats) here about al-Muhajiroun
Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English), Islamic Jurisprudence Council Condemns Sharm El-Sheik bombings, 24 July 2005
Aljazeera.Net - Egyptians protest Sinai blasts, 24 July 2005: "'There is no God but God, and terrorism is the enemy of God,' chanted the Egyptian protesters, including hotel chefs, technicians and road sweepers, as they marched along the main road of Sharm al-Shaikh, hit by three bombs on Saturday." Asia, Islamist Web Site Warns U.A.E. to Expel Non-Muslims (Update2), 24 July 2005: ""If you refuse to do this, we ask God to settle the matter or we will settle it with our own hands,'' said the posting July 19 by an unidentified individual on al-Sakifah Web site, which also carries statements attributed to al-Qaeda in Iraq."", Iranian government cracks down on blogging, 24 July 2005: "Some estimates put the number of Iran's internet users at 5 million and the number of blogs in the Farsi language at up to 100,000. About a third of those are said to originate in Iran and the rest abroad"
This proramme will be on tomorrow (Monday) night: BBC NEWS | Programmes | The New Al-Qaeda:, 21 July 2005: "Following a year-long investigation, and just over two weeks after the London bomb attacks, BBC reporter and terrorism expert Peter Taylor peers into the murky world of the internet jihadi.", Khatami condemns Egypt bombings, 23 July 2005 : "Iranian outgoing President Mohammad Khatami, in a message to his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak on Sunday strongly condemned the recent bombings in Sharm el-Sheikh.", Islamic group slams anti-gay comments, 25 July 2005 @A Canterbury Muslim who labelled ethnic minister Chris Carter a "raging homosexual" could spark more race hate crimes, the national Islamic organisation says.

"Muslim Association of Canterbury (MAC) social secretary Abdullah Drury sent an email to a Muslim internet group damning Carter – who is gay – for attending a meeting focused on promoting better understanding of Islam after attacks on Auckland mosques this month."
News24, Al-Qaeda claims Egypt blasts, 23 July 2005 "An Al-Qaeda-linked group claimed Saturday's deadly bombings in a Egyptian resort as Osama bin Laden's network further spread its tentacles with strikes on London, threats to European nations and kidnappings in Iraq."
A number of overviews have emerged recently relating to aspects of Islam and the internet: Radio Netherlands, Fighting an electronic holy war, 22 July 2005: "Two notable, though seemingly quite different, phenomena that have emerged to change our lives in the past decade have formed an alliance: radical Islam and the internet. The web has become a very popular medium among radical Islamists, both in Muslim parts of the world and in Muslim immigrant communities in the west."
Analysts suggest bin Laden bombings link. 25/07/2005. ABC News Online: "US and British intelligence officials believe the bombings in Egypt and London were organised by fugitive Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden."
Reuters AlertNet - Algerian Islamists praise Qaeda for kidnapping-Web, 23 July 2005""The mujahideen in Algeria received with great happiness the news of the kidnapping of the Algerian diplomats by their brothers in al Qaeda," the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) said in a statement dated July 23."

Friday, July 22, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | House raided in hunt for bombers, 22 July 2005: "A student, who gave his name as Ahmed, said he was coming out of a barber's shop on when he saw someone coming out of the internet cafe with 'what looked like one of those gas masks'."
Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English), Muslims, speak out!, 2 July 2005: "The war on terror has reached London . Undoubtedly, its first victim is the Muslim population. Why it then that, unlike the run up to the war in Iraq, no one single soul, not even a British Muslim, has taken to streets in protest against the spread of terrorism in the capital?" Opinion piece by Tariq Alhomayed, the Editor-in-Chief of Asharq Al-Awsat.
the Mail online | Live webchat: Leader of the Muslim Parliament of Britain: "On Tuesday July 26 at 1pm one of the major figures in the British Muslim political establishment, Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, will answer your questions and concerns in a live Mail online webchat."
BBC NEWS | UK | Man shot dead by police on Tube, 22 July 2005
It's a long way from Mecca - National -, 23 July 2005 includes interview with postgrad Imran Lum, this is a detailed profile of Islam in Australia:

"What concerns Lum is that, in the absence of a leadership that they can relate to, young Muslims are seeking alternative sources of advice, including on the internet.

"They also feel under siege from what they perceive to be a hostile mainstream society, and from media that give blanket coverage to terrorist acts and outrageous comments by one or two hardline - and foreign-born - Australian imams, but pay only cursory attention to atrocities against Muslims around the world and pleas for moderation from the majority of Australian Islamic figures.

"It's a combination Lum fears is leading a tiny minority of Australian Muslims to radical and violent teachings. "These websites have a huge amount of traffic and the vast majority are seeking moderate fatwas [advice]," Lum says. "But the internet is also where there is a lot of hate material and there are a few nut cases, and they are the ones causing all the problems."

"Many of the fatwas, which can range from what to eat at McDonald's to rulings on oral sex within marriage and suicide bombings, are issued by unqualified people with few, if any, religious credentials. The ultimate example of this, Lum says, is Osama bin Laden, an engineer by trade.

EurasiaNet Eurasia Insight - Kyrgyzstan: e-Revolution, 22 July 2005: "In tandem with the political and social unrest that culminated in the rapid and largely unexpected overthrow of the Akaev regime, a political e-revolution took shape and contributed to the consolidation of Kyrgyzstan’s Internet community.", Pervez Musharraf: Nothing in the Holy Qur’an Justifies Killing of Innocent People, 19 July 2005
Reuters AlertNet - WRAPUP 14-Police hunting London bombers kill man in station, 22 July 05
Reuters AlertNet - Shadowy group claims new London attack - Web site, 22 July 2005: "A group claiming links to al Qaeda said on Friday it was behind the latest attack on London, warning it would not halt its strikes until foreign forces quit Iraq, according to an Internet statement.

"'Our attack in the heart of the infidel British capital is nothing but a message to all European governments that we will not rest until all the infidel troops leave Iraq,' said the statement by the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades dated July 22."

Thursday, July 21, 2005

SITE Institute: SITE Publications - A Video Will of a Suicide Bomber from al-Qaeda in Iraq, and His Operation on an American Checkpoint in al-Fallujah: "A 4:30 minute video issued today, July 21, 2005, by al-Qaeda in Iraq, depicts the will of a suicide bomber, Abu al-Zobeir al-Mohajir, as he urges 'young Muslim men to follow' in jihad and give their lives for the sake of Allah's religion.'"
Muslim Britain | In the melting-pot |, 21 July 2005: "For a new generation of British Muslims, such behaviour represents the stirrings of a new identity whose common denominator is not ethnic origin, but religion. Viewed in the rosiest of lights, this could be a sign that British-born Muslims are 'coming of age- - rising above the linguistic and sectarian differences that constricted earlier generations."
Telegraph | News | Two faces of one of Islam's most important clerics, 20 July 2005 profile
BBC NEWS | UK | Tube cleared after small blasts, 21 July 2005
Aljazeera.Net - London on alert after tube, bus incidents, 21 July 2005: "Three London Underground stations were evacuated at midday Thursday following reports of smoke and explosions, two weeks after a series of bombings targeted London's public transport system. "
CSM/, Israeli-Arab rap: an outlet for youth protest, July 21, 2005 more on Dam - who have been previously featured several times in this blog. There is an internet subtext to all this:

"Because of Internet distribution of the group's music, Dam's message is now reaching listeners of many nationalities and social backgrounds. They regularly play to sellout audiences in Israel, the occupied territories, and in Europe, and expect to release their first album in 2006."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Special Branch to track Muslims across UK. 20 July 2005: "The Guardian has learned that the special squads, to be known as Muslim Contact Units and staffed by Special Branch officers, will be established in areas including Yorkshire, north-west England and parts of the Midlands."
Khaleej Times Online/Reuters, Afghanistan’s Karzai says some madrasas preach hate, 20 July 2005: "Afghan President Hamid Karzai says some madrasas, or Islamic religious schools, were training camps for “merchants of death” and had to be closed down immediately."
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Pakistan police raids detain 200, 20 July 2005: "Police in Pakistan have detained about 200 suspected Islamist extremists in a series of raids on religious schools, mosques and other properties."
BBC News, UK plans global extremists list, 20 July 2005: "The UK is to set up a global database of extremists who face automatic vetting before being allowed in, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has told MPs.

"He said the database would list 'unacceptable behaviour' such as radical preaching, websites and writing articles intended to foment terrorism." - How much does Google know about you? - Jul 18, 2005 - Atta's father praises London bombs - Jul 20, 2005
AP, Egyptian Man Claims Egypt Envoy To Iraq May Be Alive, 20 July 2005
SITE Institute: SITE In The News - Center of the Jihadist World, 13 July 2005 opinion piece by Rita Katz and Michael Kern for the National Review
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - Suggestion to Join Virtual Terrorist Cell, Rather than Operating Alone, Posted to Jihadist Forum, July 20 2005
::, Kensington: Moroccan Londoners pin hopes on third generation, 13 July 2005: "British Moroccan Aziz Samih, an Arabic Language tutor, who has recently been elected a member of the Arabic speaking Information and Advice Centre (ASIAC) in London, told Morocco Times that a third generation of Moroccans can make a difference in and for the community"
::, From Qur'an profanation to bombing Mecca
Tancredo says No apology for 'Bomb Mecca' remark, 20 July 2005
: "Facing mounting criticism, Republican Tom Tancredo on Monday refused to apologize for suggesting the United States could target Muslim holy sites if radical Islamic terrorists set off multiple nuclear attacks in American cities."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

IRIS, Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques, "Europe face to face with terrorism" contains an edited transcript of a paper I gave in Paris back in March 05, on "Using the Internet as a 'jihadi' recruitment tool". This is a PDF file, which contains several other contributions. There is also a French translation.
MEMRI: "Palestinian National Council Member Mamoun Tamimi on the London Bombings: 'Since This [Iraq] War is Ongoing, Those You Strike Have the Right to Strike Back At You - In Your Home, Your Country, Or Anywhere'", July 19, 2005:
MEMRI: Director of London's Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies Hani Sibai: There are No "Civilians" in Islamic Law;The Bombing is a Great Victory for Al-Qa'ida, Which "Rubbed the Noses of the World's 8 Most Powerful Countries in the Mud", July 12 2005 more on this story
Middle East Online, Al-Qaeda gives European states month to quit Iraq, 19 July 2005 Internet posting: ""This message is the final warning to European states. We want to give you a one-month deadline to bring your soldiers out from the land of Mesopotamia (Iraq)," said the statement signed by Al-Qaeda group the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades and dated July 16."

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Blogs on the bombs II review of selected blogs from Muslim and other sources
BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Conflict 'kills 25,000 Iraqis' report from Iraq Body Count, Extremists Orbit Around Islam's Rebirth, 19 July 2005, Most Britons see Iraq link to London bombings-poll , 19 July 2005: "Two-thirds of Britons think the July 7 bombings in London were linked to Prime Minister Tony Blair's support for the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, according to a poll published on Tuesday. "
Telegraph | News | Extremist cleric puts terror laws to the test, 19 July 2005 This refers to Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
BBC NEWS | Politics | Terror laws talks reach consensus, 18 July 2005: "The three main political parties have reached agreement on speeding up new counter-terrorism measures in the wake of the London bombings. "
BBC NEWS | Politics | UK Muslims issue bombings fatwa, 18 July, 2005: "More than 500 British Muslim religious leaders and scholars have issued a fatwa in response to the London bombs." The British Muslim Forum's website is here

Monday, July 18, 2005

Global Politician: "Hizb ut-Tahrir UK Representative - We Are Not Terrorist or Clandestine!", 18 July 2005, Abu Hafs al Masri Brigade Threatens Bloody War on Europe in Month, 18 July 2005: "Abu Hafs al Masri Brigade, the group that claimed responsibility for the London attacks, issued an ultimatum to coalition members to withdraw their troops from Iraq within a month.", "Congressman tells radio host US could respond to terror attack by bombing Islamic holy sites", July 18 2005 Allegations associated with Tom Tancredo, whose website seems quiet on this issue today: | Worldwide | Muslim scholar barred from US receives apology, July 18 2005: "A British Muslim leader who was denied entry to the US has been given an unreserved apology and assurances of a visa by the US Embassy in London"
Kuna site|Story page|Musharraf asks youth to start jihad against extrem...7/18/2005: "As President General Pervez Musharrafs crackdown on militant groups and hate material has fastened, he on Monday called upon the youth to unite against extremism and sectarianism...

" ...He accused some Madrassahas and outlawed militant groups Jaish-e-Mohammad (Army of Mohammad) and Sipah-e-Sahaba (Soldiers of Mohammad's Companions) of forcing their Islamic ideology upon others." link to story below:
London-based radical salutes bombs 'victory' - Sunday Times - Times Online, 17 July 2005: "Hani Al-Siba'i, an Egyptian-born academic, described the attacks that killed at least 55 people as 'a great victory' that rubbed the noses of G8 countries in the mud ...

" ... Al-Siba’i runs the Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies from his home in Hammersmith, west London, and is a well known figure among Muslim radicals in Britain.

"According to the FBI, he is also a former leader of the outlawed Egyptian Islamic Jihad organisation, which later became part of Al-Qaeda.", Imam's fiery message speaks to radical British Muslims, 17 July 2005 profile of Omar Bakri Mohammed
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click Online | New life in Africa for old PCs, 18 July 2005: "Computers donated from the developed world are both fuelling and feeding an appetite for computers in Africa where a new machine could cost more than a year's wages", Imams, Academics Against Allowing Women to Drive, 18 July 2005: "A statement that has warned against the dangers of allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia was released on the Internet on Friday. More than 100 sheikhs, imams, judges, Islamic scholars, Islamic university teachers, several heads of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice centers in the Kingdom, as well as some teachers at the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah signed the statement." Mohamed Elibiary: Making terrorists seem like religious spokesmen is wrong, July 17 05: "The terminology defining our enemy as 'Islamic' or 'Islamist' is a PR disaster for the West. Simply explained, defining Islam in terms not native to it is not effectively accurate - and is sometimes offensive - to a Muslim ear.

"Also, when translating either of these terms from English to Arabic or any other derivative of the Arabic language, it translates as 'pertaining to or supporter of Islam.' Defining the civilized world's enemy as 'jihadists,' 'madrasas' (a generic word meaning school) or by any other Islamic term not pertaining to terrorism is also inaccurate.""
Gulf Times Newspaper, Suicide bomber in fuel truck kills 60 in Iraq, 17 July 2005: "The 'Hassan Ibrahim al-Zaidi attack' continues for the second day in a row, with rigged cars, martyrdom attacks and clashes," said an Al Qaeda statement on a website."

""The operation is continuing as planned and we warn the enemies of God of more to come. We ask our Muslim brothers around the world to pray for God to grant us victory."

Jihad Unspun - Zarqawi Clarifies Issues Raised By Sheikh Maqdisi On Al-Jazeera, July 18 2005 English translation of al-Maqsidi's interview:

"Issam Barqawi, better known as Sheikh Abu Mohammad al-Maqdisi who is said to have molded the views of Shiekh Abu Mesab Zarqawi, was released from a Jordon prison on June 28, 2005 after a six-month detention at intelligence headquarters following his acquittal at a trial of Jordanian and Saudi sympathizers of Al-Qaida.

"This was a clever move indeed on the part of the authorities, as no sooner was he released than he appeared in an interview on Al-Jazeera where he criticized some of the actions of Al-Qaida Commander and Chief in the Land of the Two Rivers, Shiekh Abu Zarqawi. The following day Al-Maqdisi was rearrested and it appears that while he had some criticisms about young Zarqawi, Al-Maqdisi did not condemn him to the degree the Jordanian authorities had hoped. It has also been said that al-Maqdisi was released from jail solely for the purpose of conducting this interview however that will likely never be known."
The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - Blind faith, not poverty, is the key to terror, July 18, 2005 opinion piece by Michael Glackin:

"Poverty has been highlighted as a reason for turning these young men into fanatics. Muslims in many areas in the U.K. do tend to be poor. In a country where unemployment is at a record low of less than 5 percent, unemployment among Muslim men is 14 percent and more than 20 percent among under-25's.

"Forgive me, but I have little sympathy for those on both the left and right of the political spectrum who attribute crime to the downtrodden. Frankly, it's an insult. And none of the London bombers seems to have been born into poverty, indeed far from it - one, Shehzad Tanweer, the cricket fanatic, was the son of a prosperous businessman."
AP/RedNova News - Technology - Non-English Domain Names Likely Delayed, 15 July 2005: "Non-English Domain Names Likely Delayed" News - Iraqi group says killed three British soldiers-Web, 16 July 2005 ""Thank God, this morning ... three British soldiers were killed and at least three others were injured by exploding a package by their patrol in the Maysan province," the group, calling itself the Imam Hussein Brigades, said.

"The statement was posted on a site used by the main Iraqi insurgent groups, including the al Qaeda group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The name suggested it was a Shi'ite group."
Press-Telegram, British Sunnis issue fatwa against bombers, 17 July 2005: "The Sunni Council denounced the bombings as anti-Islamic and said the Quran, the Muslim holy book, forbade suicide attacks.

"'Who has given anyone the right to kill others? It is a sin. Anyone who commits suicide will be sent to Hell,' said Mufti Muhammad Gul Rehman Qadri, the council chairman. 'What happened in London can be seen as a sacrilege. It is a sin to take your life or the life of others.'"

I haven't seen this statement in full yet.
PRISM Occasional Papers no. 4/3 (17 July 2005), "Islamic Legitimacy for the London Bombings."

Friday, July 15, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Online | 'An aura of threat', 14 July 2005 overview of jihadi web. | higher news | Muslim scholar denied entry to US, July 15 2005 more on the US authorities' refusal to allow Dr Badawi entry to US.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Chemistry student held in Cairo, July 15, 2005
Aljazeera.Net - Al-Qaida: Wrong answers to real problems, 15 July 2005 Opinion piece by Soumayya Ghannoushi, who is a researcher in the history of ideas at the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London: "Al-Qaida's mindless acts have turned the aggressor, who colonises, massacres and pillages, into a victim. For all their material vulnerability, victims have a very powerful asset: their moral case as innocent victims. Perhaps, this is the cruellest dimension to these senseless crimes: That the powerless has been stripped even of his victimhood. Even this has been appropriated by the powerful."
BBC NEWS | Technology | Technologies 'to aid the poor', 13 July, 2005: "The best way to help developing nations is to recognise that development is 'of the people, by the people and for the people', says a Bangladeshi entrepreneur. "
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | UK Muslim leader barred from US, 15 July 2005
BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Pakistan's Islamic schools in the spotlight, 15 July 2005: "Critics of the madrassas focus on the narrow curriculum often taught. 'Many students develop an intolerant, prejudiced... and narrow-minded view of the world,' says Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid. " - TV captures last rush by teen suspect in bombing, 15 : "In the United States, the FBI focused its investigation on a former North Carolina State University student. Magdy el-Nashar, 33, took graduate chemical engineering classes at the university for a semester in 2000 and lived near the campus. A federal law enforcement official said the FBI was trying to find out more about his stay." - Can Islam's leaders reach its radicals?, 13 July 2005: "Sheikh Mohammed Tantawi, who runs the venerable Al Azhar university in Cairo, told, 'Those responsible for the London attacks are criminals who do not represent Islam.'

"Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an influential Muslim scholar based in Qatar with a vast Internet and satellite television following, called the blasts 'cruel and barbaric black actions that Islam harshly condemns.'"

The article makes the important point that not all people are necessarily listening to al-Qaradawi or Tantawi.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Global Terrorism Analysis, Jihadist Propaganda Brigade in need of information, 14 July 2005: "'Your brothers in the Katibat al-Jihad al-I'lami (Information Jihad Brigade) have need of information on the Crusader losses in their war against Islam, so as to use this to attack Crusader forums and confront them with these truths. A large number of pictures and films have already been collected, and the numbers continue to rise, ... it would be nice to [amass such materials] from their celebrated journals"
Global Terrorism Analysis, Syrian website calls for experienced mujahideen, as Aleppo becomes key point of departure for Iraq, 14 July 2005: "A recent posting on the Syrian mujahid site Minbar Suria al-Islami [] gives an insight both into the self-confidence of the Iraqi mujahideen, and the caution to be taken while in Syria. The participant counsels against the further influx of hopeful youths for jihad ('with nothing more than their enthusiasm to offer') and gives detailed advice for those more qualified mujahideen who do choose to get to Iraq via Syria."
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Police scrutinise extremist Islamist websites, 14 July 2005 - Website that carried al-Qaida claim has connections to Bush family, 11 July 2005: "It was posted on an Arabic website,, which is registered by Qalaah Qalaah in Abu Dhabi and hosted by a server in Houston, Texas. But two Israeli groups devoted to exposing the network of jihadist sites claim that it is connected to the London-based Saudi dissident Saad al-Faqih. Mr Faqih, who is based in Willesden, north-west London, and runs the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (Mira), was designated by the US treasury last December as a supporter of al-Qaida. The UK Treasury followed suit by freezing Mr Faqih�s assets."
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Panorama | Programme transcript: A Panorama Special - London under attack includes reference to the internet, and an interview with Dr al Massari., London bombs terror attack, 12 July 2005
Khaleej Times Online/AP, US announces arrest of key suspect in kidnap-slaying of Egyptian envoy, 14 July 2005:
Reuters AlertNet - Iraq Qaeda denies blast that killed children-Web, July 14 2005 "We declare that we are not at all responsible for the Baghdad attack which took place on Wednesday," said the statement posted on an Islamist site. "Our style is known -- to fight the enemies of God, the crusaders and their followers in the police and army.""

Tuesday, July 12, 2005, Pentagon ├╝ber-hacker rap sheet spills attack details, 11 July 2005
CNN, Web site shows defiance to bombers, July 12, 2005 "Web designer Alfie Dennen had called in sick and was at home in London when the bombers struck across the city's transport network on Thursday morning."
Wired, Feds Fear Air Broadband Terror, 12 July 2005 "Federal law enforcement officials, fearful that terrorists will exploit emerging in-flight broadband services to remotely activate bombs or coordinate hijackings, are asking regulators for the power to begin eavesdropping on any passenger's internet use within 10 minutes of obtaining court authorization.", Terror and Terrorists Win Again, 11 July 2005, "There are many comments that attract attention in the forum opened by the Internet site on the terrorist attacks in London.", A Misinterpretation of Islam Increases in the West, 12 July 2005 "Hours after the bombings, Helbawi logged onto an Internet chat room run by British Muslim extremists. "They were all congratulating each other on the attacks," he said. "It was crazy. They were talking about how they had won a great victory over the infidels, as if they had just come back from a battle.""

AP, Al-Qaida support could suffer, 12 July 2005 "For years, radical Islamic activists have operated freely in Britain, raising money for their cause, beaming satellite TV spots or running Internet sites condemning America in support of al-Qaida.

"But even supporters of Osama bin Laden's ideology say the London bombings were the wrong thing to do."

Electronic Iraq, The London Blasts: Media Review - Day Four, 11 July 2005

Official Wire, George and Tony get their al-Qaeda fix, 12 July 2005 opinion piece
CSM/ABC, Iraq, Internet fuel growth of global jihad, 12 July 2005 "Today, videos and messages of support for Islamist fighters spread much faster. Insurgent in "martyrdom operations" appear on websites within days of attacks in Iraq, and the latest calls to carry jihad to Western capitals from the likes of Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's No. 2 and Al Qaeda's chief ideologue, spread around the globe within minutes."
Sunday Times, Terrorists trained in Western methods will leave few clues, 10 July 2005 "Recruits to what is being called the “new al-Qaeda” are computer-literate and skilled at ensuring that they leave no electronic footprints. This generation of jihadists was given as much training in technology as it was in bomb-making and reconnaissance missions.

"They have learnt from the mistakes made by previous terror cells in allowing telephone calls and e-mails to be intercepted. The new recruits are taught how to communicate without sending e-mails or encrypting messages in seemingly harmless websites."

Sunday Times, Leaked No 10 dossier reveals Al-Qaeda’s British recruits, July 10, 2005 "AL-QAEDA is secretly recruiting affluent, middle-class Muslims in British universities and colleges to carry out terrorist attacks in this country, leaked Whitehall documents reveal." The leaked document is on the Times' website (Part 1 link here PDF)

Times, Police fund visit by academic who justifies suicide bombings, 12 July 2005
"Egyptian-born Tariq Ramadan, who is banned from entering the United States, is due to speak at The Middle Path conference on July 24, 17 days after the London bombings.

"He will address young Muslims at the Islamic Cultural Centre near Regent’s Park alongside other academics, with the £9,000- cost of his trip being partly paid by the Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)."
Reuters, Police make arrests in London bomb attack -Sky, 12 July 2005 "Police made a number of arrests in the northern city of Leeds on Tuesday over the suspected al Qaeda attacks which killed 52 people in London last week, Sky news television reported."

Saturday, July 09, 2005, Al-Qaeda-linked group vows more attacks in London, 9 July 2005 "The claim purportedly from the Abu Hafs al Masri Brigade was logged on an Islamist Web site where similar claims for responsibility have appeared in the past."

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Daily Star - Politics - Middle East condemns London bombings, 8 July 2005 summary includes statements (in no particular order) from Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed al-Nahayan of UAE, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah of Kuwait,King Mohammed VI of Morocco, King Abdullah II of Jordan, President Bashar Assad, President Jalal Talabani , Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah Hizbullah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Pakistan's Information Minister Sheikh Rashid.
Asharq Alawsat, Grand Mufti Condemns London Explosions, 8 July 05: "Riyadh-Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Alsheikh, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has condemned the terrorist acts which took place in London on Thursday.

"In his statement, Al Alsheikh made it clear that killing of innocent people and destruction of properties run counter to the teachings of Islam."
Aljazeera.Net - Arab world condemns London blasts, 7 July 05
Aljazeera.Net - Iraqis condemn London blasts, 8 July 2005: "Iraqis, who face bombings on a daily basis, have condemned the attacks in London saying they go against Islamic teachings; but many blame US and British policies for the rise in extremism worldwide."
This is London, Terror death toll set to rise, 8 July 05
Islam Online, European Muslims Slam "Heinous" London Blasts, 8 July 05
The Daily Star - Lebanon News - Lawyers celebrate English Web site launch, 8 July 05: "The first English Web site of its kind, featuring Lebanese laws and regulations, was launched at the Syndicate of Lebanese Lawyers in Beirut.

"Lebanese lawyers met to "praise" this achievement and described it as "a positive step towards the modernization and the computerization of the Lebanese law system."", Al-Qaeda Threatens to Attack Rome, 8 July 2005: "The organization called the Organization of al Qaeda - Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula posted a statement on an Internet site which said, 'We warn Rome, the capital of infidels, that the lions of Jihad in Europe are ready to launch strong strikes against the collaborating government with the crusaders, the Americans, the enemies of God, the Prophet and Muslims.' "
AP, American Muslims condemn London attacks, ready for backlash, 8 July 2005: "'We condemn what happened,' the 33-year-old cleric from Cairo, Egypt, said in Arabic to the worshippers clustered around him as ceiling fans spun overhead. 'This has nothing to do with Islam. The first people to suffer, after the victims, are the Muslim community.' "
Global Guerrillas: Open Source Warfare in London, 8 July 2005: "Their network has given way to an even looser but more potent form of development: open source warfare. In this model, autonomous groups arise, innovate, plan, and act locally without central direction", Attacks Bear Earmarks Of Evolving Al Qaeda, 8 July 2005 ""It doesn't matter whether it's al Qaeda-directed or al Qaeda-inspired. The long-term effect on the jihadist movement is likely to be the same from the attacks: a source of recruitment, inspiration and motivation," said Roger Cressey, a former senior counterterrorism official in the Clinton and Bush administrations.

""I do not really believe there is such a thing as al Qaeda, the organization; there is al Qaeda, the mindset," said Yosri Fouda, senior investigative reporter in London for the al-Jazeera satellite television network, the only journalist known to have interviewed Sept. 11 planners Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh. "This is what I find much scarier. Your ability to predict is reduced to a minimal level.""
BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Pakistan communications restored, 8 July 2005
BBC NEWS | England | Faith groups fear attack backlash: "Muslim leaders in Bradford have said they fear a possible backlash against their communities after the bomb attacks in London. "
Muslim Safety Forum (MSF) Press Release, 7 July 2005
Islamic Society of Britain, The Islamic Society of Britain condemns vicious attacks on our capital, 8 July 2005, "IFE Media Release: Muslims shocked by London blasts":, Faith Communities Unite To Condemn Bombings, 8 July 2005:, London Bombs: Turkey Condemns Attack As Many Recall 2003 Istanbul Blasts, 8 July 2005 interesting analysis of diverse perspectives in Turkey, London Bombs: Change In Al-Qaeda's Strategy, 7 July 2005: "A renowned French expert on Islamic terrorism, Jean-Charles Brisard, is convinced that Thursday's blasts in London are the work of international terror network al-Qaeda and argues that it represents a change of tack. In an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI) Brisard said the series of attacks on the British capital's transport system indicate al-Qaeda is setting its sights on Western countries, which is seeks to destroy. ", Saudi Arabia: Clerics Who Justify Terrorism Face Trial, 7 July 2005: "Saudi Arabia is set to release a list naming clerics who will be tried on terrorism charges for issuing fatwas, or religious edicts, which justify terrorist acts. The Saudi newspaper Arab News cites the Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef as saying they will be tried as terror accomplices. He also revealed that authorities are trying to trace additional clerics, whose names do not appear on the list. ", London Bombs: Europe-Wide Intelligence Network To Be Speeded Up, 8 July 2005: "A greater intelligence effort is vital in tackling terrorism, the EU's Justice, Freedom and Security Commissioner, Franco Frattini, has told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.", Iran: Ayatollah Says London Attacks Have Nothing To Do With Islam, 8 July 2005: "Iran's Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani has condemned Thursday's attacks in London as 'barbaric acts that have nothing to do with Islam or with humanity.' In his sermon on Friday in the Iranian capital, Tehran, the Ayatollah praised the British prime minister Tony Blair for making a distinction between Islam and radical Islam, which he says has nothing in common with the sanctity of Islam. ", Email traffic doubled after London bomb blasts, 7 July 2005: "A snapshot of email activity from security company MessageLabs found the number of customer emails it monitored grew from the average of 500,000 to one million an hour after terrorist attacks began.", Specter surfaces of world of local Qaeda offshoots, 8 July 2005: "The attacks in London yesterday appear to be the work of an Al Qaeda offshoot, and could provide further evidence that the organization responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks is steadily morphing into a collection of largely independent groups, US intelligence officials and specialists on terrorism said", Unknown al-Qaeda cell claims blasts as vengeance, 8 July 2005 includes analysis from Professor Chris Bellamy, the director of the Security Studies Institute at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, and further reference to al-Qalah [see yesterday's blog].
Hollywood Reporter/, Cell phone video first from the scene in London , 8 July 2005: "A grainy cell phone video taken by a survivor gave viewers worldwide their first look at the London Underground bombing -- and shone a spotlight on a small but growing part of electronic newsgathering. ", Kuwait reacts; Condemnation, condolences, 8 July 2005: "H.H the Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah sent Thursday a cable to Queen Elizabeth II of the UK condemning, on behalf of the Kuwaiti people, the �criminal blasts� which shook various parts of London earlier this morning killing and injuring several innocent people."
Reuters/, Taliban say Britons pay price for rulers' deeds, 8 July 2005: "A spokesman for Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents said on Friday the British people were paying the price for the evil of their rulers but the Taliban had nothing to do with Thursday's bomb attacks in London. 'The people of Britain are facing trouble only because of the evil deeds and oppression of their rulers,' spokesman Abdul Latif Hakimi said by telephone from an undisclosed location. ", Echoes of Al Qaeda, Hints of Iraq, 8 July 2005: "Experts said the attacks bore many signatures of the fragmented but virulent networks that have operational or ideological ties to Osama bin Laden's organization: multiple targets, near-simultaneity, significant civilian casualties and political timing.", Timers, not bombers, set off London blasts -NYT, 8 July 2005: "Timers, not suicide bombers, set off the four blasts on the London underground and a bus that killed at least 37 people on Thursday, the New York Times reported on Friday."
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - Message Blames Britain for the "Fall of the Arab and Islamic World", 7 July 2005: "A message posted on a jihadist messageboard in response to today's attacks in London and titled 'Isn't Britain Responsible, of all the Countries, for the Fall of the Arab and Islamic World?' cites British colonization of the Middle East as justification for the attacks in London."
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - al-Qaeda Author Sends Warning to Tony Blair: Recirculated to Jihadist Forums, May 16 2005/July 7 2005: "A letter, written by Lewis Attiyatullah, a known al-Qaeda author, to the British Prime Minster, Tony Blair, ''warn[s] of an incoming huge and spectacular [event]'. The five page letter, which was posted on an al-Qaeda affiliated message board, is titled: 'Yes, Blair, this is a historic war'. "
The Counterterrorism Blog: Wall Street Journal: British Seek Moroccan Man in London Attack Investigation, 7 July 2005 "The Wall Street Journal reports that the British are seeking a Moroccan man, Mohamed Guerbouzi, in connection with the attacks."
BBC NEWS | Technology | Connected world helps us cope, 8 July 2005
BBC NEWS | Technology | News sites toil as visits rocket, 8 July 2005
BBC NEWS | UK | London bombs killed 'at least 50', 8 July 2005
WebWire | Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain Issues Message to Muslim Community in Aftermath of London Attacks, 7 July 2005: "In the wake of today's attacks in London, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, the well known global Islamic political party, has issued a message to the Muslim community in Britain. Tens of thousands of copies of the message will be distributed at all major mosques across the UK after Friday prayers tomorrow and via the Internet." Press release.
PC Magazine: Flickr Pics Capture London Terror, 7 July 2005:

"One Flickr picture of a London-based mosque, once suspected of being an al-Qaida recruitment center, showed the building draped with a sign claiming its 'new beginning.'

"Underneath the photo, someone wrote, 'It's neither the fault or sole responsibility of Muslims or Islam, but it's hard not to think, when passing the Finsbury Park mosque, of the extremists who were based here up to a year ago.'""

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Arab Herald, Arab governments denounce London blasts, 7 July 2005
BBC NEWS | UK | Muslim leaders join condemnation, July 7, 2005
MPACUK :: My experience of the London Terror attacks, 7 July 2005
MPACUK :: Muslims Brace themselves for rise in Islamaphobia, 7 July 2005 "Home to an estimated 1 million Muslims any disruption of logistical, economic and human activity affects all the communities in London including the Muslim community.

"All indications appear to point to what seems to be a terrorist attack, MPACUK expresses deepest sympathy with all the families of those affected and commends the emergency services for their fast response to the attacks."

Northeast Intelligence Network, One UK Homicide Bomber Was Recent GITMO Release, 7 July 2005: "Preliminary reports from a source inside the Pentagon indicate that one of the operatives involved in this morning's bombings in London was recently released from the prison at Guantanamo." No way of verifying this at present. The page also provides other materials requiring verification.
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces the Execution of the Egyptian Ambassador, Ihab al-Sherif, 7 July 2005
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - 'The Secret Organization of Qaedat al-Jihad in Europe' Claims Responsibility for London Attack - 7/7/05: "Members of jihadist message boards have denounced this claim for responsibility as spurious"
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Details of the London blasts, 7 July 2005, Al Qaeda says kills Egypt envoy in Iraq-Web, July 7 2005: "Al Qaeda in Iraq has killed Egypt's top envoy to the country, saying he represented a 'tyrannical' government allied to the enemies of Islam, the group, which had kidnapped the envoy, said in an Internet statement."
Islam Online - Discussion Forum comments and discussion from readers (from varying perspectives) on the bombings in London
Islam Online, British Muslims Condemn London Attacks, July 7, 2005: "The Muslim minority in Britain vehemently denounced the series of blasts that rocked the capital of their country Thursday, July 7."
IHRC - IHRC Urges Caution in Wake of London Attacks, 7 July 2005: "The Islamic Human Rights Commission condemns in no uncertain terms the attacks perpetrated in London this morning. " - London mayor: This was mass murder - Jul 7, 2005 - Gruppo Rivendica Su Web E Mette In Guardia Italia, 7 July 2005 more details on the statement from alleged aQ affiliate
BBC NEWS | UK | Statement claiming London attacks, 7 July 2005 (translation of statement) also seen by Der Spiegel, Qaida-Bekennerschreiben zu Anschl├Ągen in London, 7 July 2005. Includes screenshot. Difficult to verify the veracity of this statement, from a previously unknown aQ affiliation.

Your eyewitness accounts from Guardian Unlimited: Newsblog
aNaRcHo AkBaR: London Bombings, 7 July 2005: "I join with other Muslims in unequivocally condemning these attacks, knowing that it is likely that those who perpetrated these crimes also call themselves Muslim. I assert that such people are not Muslims, but open enemies of God and humanity.

"I say to Muslims everywhere, turn to Qur'an as your guide, and the Prophet Muhammad (aws) as your example whose every act was an act of worship, and reject the poisonous hatred of those who seek to stain our faith with the blood of innocents."
The Islamic Foundation, 7 July 2005 "The Islamic Foundation is shocked and horrified at the bomb attacks in London today. We join everyone in condemning such acts of wanton and senseless violence. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones at this tragic moment. The Director General, Dr Manazir Ahsan said: “We deplore these barbaric acts and hope that the perpetrators are identified and brought to justice quickly. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all the victims and their families.” This is an attack on all of us, and all communities of faith, and of none, need to stand together in calm and resolute purpose against terrorism, hatred and extremism."
The Muslim Association of Britain, 7 July 2005 (MAB): "Following early indications that the coordinated blasts in London this morning are likely to have been a coordinated terrorist attack, the Muslim Association of Britain expresses its disgust with the contempt in which the perpetrators appear to hold human life."
MCB - The Muslim Council of Britain, 7 July 2005: "Shock and concern: The Muslim Council of Britain utterly condemns the perpetrators of what appears to be a series of co-ordinated attacks in London this morning that have led to a large number of casualties. While news unfolds, MCB urges for calm. ", London bombs: al-Qaeda claim emerges, 7 July 2005: "A European-based militant group believed to be linked to the al-Qaeda network has said it was responsible for Thursday's multiple bomb attacks in Londoon. The Group of the Secret Organisation of al-Qaeda in Europe issued a brief statement posted on the Internet claiming responsibility for the blasts and warning Italy and Denmark to pull out their troops from Iraq or receive similar treatment. Authorities have yet to establish the message's credibility.", Terrorism: Al-Zarqawi Calls Women To Jihad, 6 July 2005: "The latest audio message, purporting to be from Jordanian militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has called on Muslim women to play a more active role in the Jihad or Holy War. The one-hour-long speech, posted on Islamist Internet forums, is entitled 'Religion declines and I am still alive'. 'What have you done for this nation?' asks al-Zarqawi referring to Muslim women, 'don't you see that men get astride their horses and take up arms for the Jihad. Why do you not incite your husbands to fight in the Jihad against the infidels?'."
BBC NEWS | Technology | Blogs respond to London blasts, 7 July 2005
This is London | News, Terror attacks rock London, 7 July 2005
Telegraph | News | 'Terrorism has hit Europe once again', 7 July 2005
Aljazeera.Net - Blasts hit London Underground, buses, 7 July 2005: "Explosions have rocked London, killing at least two and wounding scores in what Prime Minister Tony Blair said was an apparent terrorist attack coinciding with a meeting of Group of Eight leaders in Scotland."
The American Thinker, Islam goes hip, 7 July 05 discussion on Amr Khaled: "While Muslim televangelists are now common, none has adopted the methods of the Christian superstars as Khaled has. Like the Christian televangelists he uses satellite TV, the Internet and audio and video tapes to spread his message."
The New Zealand Herald, Al-Zarqawi to target Shiite militia group, 7 July 2005: "Fighting between the Shiah and Sunni communities in Iraq is likely to escalate after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, said he would target the main Shiite militia group. "
International Herald Tribune, Egypt envoy convicted, captors say, 7 July 2005: "The group claiming that it carried out the kidnapping of Egypt's top diplomat in Iraq said in an Internet posting on Wednesday that a religious court had convicted him of crimes that are punishable by death"
Aljazeera.Net - Muslim scholars move to curb fatwas, 7 July 2005: "The Muslim world's top scholars have agreed that fatwas, or religious edicts, should only be issued by clerics with religious authority."
Jerusalem Post, Televangelist preaches hip Islam, July 6 2005: "He talks about the glory of God and hands the microphone to a young woman in the audience, asking her to talk about her feelings. His shows are broadcast around the world on satellite channels. Millions visit his state-of-the-art Web site. "

Wednesday, July 06, 2005, Islam: Expert Urges "Calm And Constructive" Dialogue, 6 July 2005 "Islam does not seek to obliterate the religions that came before it, or to cut off links from these religions, which all stem from the same God as that of Muslims, Fawzi al-Zafzaf, president of Cairo's al-Azhar permanent Divine Religious Dialogue Commission told Adnkronos International (AKI) in an interview on Wednesday."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005, Saudi Arabia: Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Female Pilot, 29 June 05: "A Saudi cleric has issued a fatwa making it unlawful for any woman to work as a pilot. Sheikh Yousuf al-Ahmad issued the statement in response to a full-page advert Saudi billionaire Prince Waleed recently took out in several local papers, congratulating Captain Hanadi Zakaria on becoming the first Saudi woman to get a commercial pilot's licence. Waleed has employed Captain Zakaria to work for his company's fleet of private jets ...

" ... Several internet sites run by conservative and extremist Islamic groups have criticised plans to let women pilot aircraft, and these statements have also prompted the cleric to issue his fatwa."
Asharq Alawsat, Samsung launches new Phone for women, the E530 mobile phone, 5 July 05: "Dubai - Samsung launched its E530 mobile phone in the Middle East. The ladies-exclusive phone, which comes packed with rich features such as a fragrance / aromatherapy guide, calorie counter and shopping list, aims to be the ultimate fashion accessory for women seeking the perfect mix of image and style."

Monday, July 04, 2005

LookSmart's FindArticles - Australian Journal of Anthropology, Islamic radicalism online: the Moluccan mission of the Laskar Jihad in cyberspace, Dec 2004 article by Birgit Brauchler, extensively referenced. Only just picked this up (seven months isn't bad for a journal!).
BBC - Radio 3 - Africa on your street, Live 8: Africa Calling Video highlights from the Eden Project show, and numerous other cool links. Something of a soundtrack to this blog ...
Gulf Times Newspaper - Islamic cultural centre seeks to dispel misgivings about Muslims, 4 July, 2005: "It will train students in computers, electronics, music, art and even provide coaching for the prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination. But promoters of the India Islamic Cultural Centre coming up here say the main focus would be to 'dispel doubts and misgivings about the Muslim community'." Discusses New Delhi centre.
Reuters AlertNet - Jordan frees spiritual mentor of Qaeda's Zarqawi, 4 July 05 "Issam Barqawi, better known as Sheikh Abu Mohammad al-Maqdisi, 43, was released on June 28 after a six-month detention at intelligence headquarters following his acquittal at a trial of Jordanian and Saudi sympathisers of al Qaeda."
Aljazeera.Net - US censured over internet control, 2 July 2005: "A decision by the US to retain oversight of the computers that control internet traffic has drawn harsh criticism about the lack of independence it could mean for the free-flowing, anything-goes communication network."
Asharq Alawsat, 80 year-old man Sues Ad Firm for False Endorsement, 29 June 2005: "A Saudi citizen is accusing the Saudi Telecommunication Company of using his likeness in an advertisement to promote mobile phone services without his consent. He is demanding financial and moral compensation for the harm incurred by the ad and is seeking a public apology."
Asharq Alawsat, Leader of Algerian Salafi Movement Urged Al Zarqawi to Kidnap French Citizens in Iraq, 3 July 05: "French diplomats living in Algeria asserted that the French government is concerned about a possible alliance between the Algerian fundamentalist organization, 'Salafist Group for Call and Combat' and Al-Qaeda in Iraq led by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. According to the sources, the alliance will target French citizens who live in Iraq and French interests in general all over the world. French diplomats expressed the concerns of their intelligence services to Asharq Al Awsat saying that the Algerian Salafist Group for Call and Combat wish to integrate with global Jihad.", Even a Barber in Riyadh, 4 July 2005 opinion piece by Khaled Almaeena: "I disagree with the girl who sent me the e-mail and wanted me to write to Oprah and express my displeasure. Sentences such as 'I am Saudi and I am proud of it' are worn-out cliches. And besides, the damage has been done. I have received many e-mails from Muslims around the world who asked me whether the conditions of women in Saudi Arabia were really that bad. Instead of pumping ourselves up with self-righteous indignation about what has been written about us, we should act."
Middle East Transparent, Saudi Release Web Loggers from Prison, 1 July 2005: "Three web loggers were released Thursday in the city of Najran after spending over 18 months behind bars, and subjected to torture by lashings hundreds of times.

"Ali Al-Dwaic, Fadil Hamad Al-Dwaic, and Manea Saleh Al-Yami were all arrested in span of three months at the end of 2003 and sentenced to two years in prison and 750 lashes by Wahhabi judge Hamad Abdullah Al-Dosary ...

" ... Web monitoring is carried out by King AbdulAziz City of Science and Technology, a government agency that provided internet accesses to the country and is headed by Dr. Saleh Al-Athel. The internet unit at the city tracks down wanted web loggers in cooperation with the Security Affairs Department at Interior Ministry (SAD).", UAE authorities intensify campaign against software piracy, 4 July 2005: "The UAE authorities have stepped up efforts to protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by intensifying its campaign against software piracy."
Reuters AlertNet - Iraqi insurgents name spokesman-Web site, 3 July 05: "The Islamic Army in Iraq and the Mujahideen Army identified the official as Ibrahim Youssef al-Shammari 'to silence all those who speak in the name of the mujahideen (holy warriors), according to the statement posted on an Islamist Web site."
BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Egypt plea for seized ambassador, 4 July 05, Pakistan government urged to monitor anti-Islamic websites, 3 July 05: "Deputy chief Jamiat-ul-Uloom Al-Islamia and deputy prayer leader of Lal Mosque, Islamabad, Allama Qari Abdur Rashid Ghazi had written a detailed letter to federal minister of information technology, Awais Khan Leghari, some four months back in which he appealed to him that some Internet websites contain objectionable material about the Islamic creed, injunctions, the Koran, the personality of the Prophet and his sayings [hadith] in order to misguide the Muslim youth." (Text of report by Pakistani newspaper Ausaf on 3 July).
The Jakarta Post - Muhammadiyah still lags behind in global education development, 3 July 05: report on the Muhammadiyah conference in Malang, Indonesia, includes dsicussion on how educational goals might be improved through access to materials (including the net)
Internet rap threatens Dutch MP | The Register, 4th July 2005: "Dutch MP and hard line critic of Islam Geert Wilders has lodged a police complaint against an internet hate rap. The rappers, who dubbed themselves Youssef and Kamal, threatened to cut or even 'saw off' Wilders' trademark wig-like peroxide-blond hair.", Al Qaeda Gets Its Cyberwar Groove, 4 July 2005 discussion piece
Al Azhar Online Project invited to present its expertise at Cambridge University Islamic Manuscript Conference | ITEP: "A delegation from the 'H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Project to Preserve Al Azhar Scripts and Publish Them Online' will present their expertise at a conference on the conservation and management of Islamic manuscripts to be held in the UK between 4th and 6th of July, 2005." refers to the story below
Islam Online- News Section: "Scholars, calligraphers and liberians from across the globe are expected to converge Monday, July 4, on King's College, University of Cambridge, for a four-day conference on the conservation and digitization of rare Islamic manuscripts.

"The Islamic Manuscript: Conservation, Cataloguing, Accessibility, Copyright and Digitization conference is sponsored by the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation (TIF) in association with the Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge."

Details of the conference can be found here: Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation
BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | 'Al-Qaeda chief' killed in Riyadh, 4 July 05 "Saudi security forces say they have killed the country's most wanted man, al-Qaeda's leader in the kingdom."
BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Work starts on Pakistan Net cable, 4 July 05 "Engineers have begun work off the Pakistani coast to try to repair an undersea cable fault that has crippled internet and telephone services."

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Editor: Myself | Hossein Derakhshan's weblog (English), July 3 2005 comment from Hossein: "I'm glad that Apple has acknowledged PodCasts in the new version of its iTunes. But it's such a shame it doesn't have Persian (Farsi) among its supported language.

"There are more than a dozen Persian podcasts out there now after I introduced it in my Persian blog a few months ago. They are a big step towards a free socio-political media space and they contribute to the process of democracy in Iran."
Islam Online, Writer “Linguist of the Year”, 3 July 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

New political tool: text messaging |, 29 June 2005 includes examples from Kuwait and Lebanon.
Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English), The New Iraqi Media, 26 June 2005
Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English), A Chat with the Sun's Anila Baig - The UK''s biggest papers gets its first veiled columnist…Anila Baig uncovers a friendlier face of British Muslims, 26 June 2005
Bernama, Malaysian National News Agency, 30 June 2005: "Only four percent of Arab women use the Internet, the Moroccan news agency, MAP reported Wednesday, quoting the UN Economic and Social Commission For Western Asia (ECWA)." - U.S. keeps control of Internet computers - Jun 30, 2005: "The U.S. government will indefinitely retain oversight of the main computers that control traffic on the Internet, ignoring calls by some countries to turn the function over to an international body, a senior official said Thursday.", Italy: New Book Lists 61 Terror Groups, 17 Of Which Are Islamic, 1 July 2005: "The dilemma in the saying, 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter' dominated the presentation Thursday in Rome of a new book titled 'Contemporary Terrorist Groupings: European, Middle Eastern and North African.' The book is co-authored by Vittorfranco Pisano and Alessio Piccirilli and is published by the Rome-based Adnkronos Libri.The bulk of the book consists of 61 detailed fact-boxes of different 'terrorist' groups ranging from the al-Qaeda network to the so-called eco-terrorists of Britain's Animal Liberation Front. ", Pakistan: Internet Restoration Could Take Another Week, 1 July 2005: "Restoration of the internet system in Pakistan could take at least another week as a ship dispatched to the fault site of a damaged undersea cable to repair the connection, has not yet reached its destination, official sources told the Pakistani daily, Dawn. The sources said the ship which sailed from Dubai, would take another two to three days to reach the site and that it could take more than a week of work for any improvement in Pakistan's Internet system, which has been down since Friday."
Khaleej Times Online, 'UAE hotspotters are busiest in region', 1 July 2005 "UAE users are the keenest "hotspotters" in the region, with an impressive 23 per cent of hotspot users in the UAE claimed to access the Internet over public wireless networks every day, according to a survey carried out by Paradigm Research in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the UAE among more than 300 people from all walks of life."