Monday, February 19, 2018

Indonesia net control

Reuters/Indian Express, New Indonesia internet system blocks more than 70,000 ‘negative’ sites "Indonesia's new tool to block online content has successfully helped block over 70,000 websites that show negative content, including extremist propaganda and pornographic imagery."

Package containing 'witchcraft spell' found in Medina... authorities undo it

Stepfeed, Package containing 'witchcraft spell' found in Medina... authorities undo it This issue became the subject of online discussion.

Egyptian woman beats her harasser, gets him arrested and goes viral

Stepfeed, Egyptian woman beats her harasser, gets him arrested and goes viral "In a video capturing the incident, the woman can be seen chasing after the man, then calling on passersby to help her stop him from escaping. Her attempts at getting the man arrested succeeded and he was eventually handed over to police."

Friday, February 16, 2018

Iran App claims

Mail Online, Iran may be using ‘weaponized' apps available on the App Store and Google Play to spy on MILLIONS of people around the world, report claims, 15 Feb 2018 "The report [from the National Council of Resistance of Iran] claims that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has created spyware-enabled apps for 'cyber-surveillance and repression' that are available on the App Store, the Google Play Store and GitHub with the goal of 'monitoring and preventing' new political uprisings."

Met Police interview

CTC, A View from the CT Foxhole: Neil Basu, Senior National Coordinator for Counterterrorism Policing in the United Kingdom Long interview.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Islamic e-wallet

Zawya, Alizz Islaic bank launches ewallet

Morocco: “The women scholars here are even more important than men.”

Dina Temple-Raston, The Female Quran Experts Fighting Radical Islam in Morocco "The morchidat program leverages a woman’s familial and social influence to combat radical Islam at the level of the sidewalks—and at individual mosques. “We’ve found over the years that if we have women organize something at the mosque, 450 people show up. If the men are put in charge, they’re lucky if 25 guys make the effort,” El-Azaar said."

Social media and conflict

David Patrikarakos, Independent, War in 140 characters: How social media has transformed the nature of conflict, 14 Feb 2018 "It was the reinvention of reality, and the likes of Twitter and Facebook were at its heart. In an extract from his latest book, author and journalist David Patrikarakos says we need a new narrative to understand where battlefield now lies."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Iran Controls Information with Halal Net

VOA, Iran Controls Information with Halal Net, 9 Feb 2018 "In the past four years, Iranian officials have permitted wider use of the internet, hoping that will help create a modern economy. Today, almost half the population has smartphones. This means they also have cameras and internet links permitting broadcast by anyone to anywhere."

Germans Shocked by Young Jihadists

VOA, Germans Shocked by Young Jihadists, 11 Feb 2018 "Now, a top German official is calling for cancellation of laws restricting security surveillance of children under the age of 14. Hans-Georg Maassen is the head of the country’s domestic intelligence agency. He argues that Germany is facing serious risks from what the media calls “kindergarten jihadists.”"

Friday, February 09, 2018

Turkey Censorship Allegations

The Conversation, Robots, kittens and Netflix: Turkish curbs on the media reach ludicrous levels, 9 Feb 2018 "Citizens of Turkey have long bypassed existing internet regulations by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) and other methods to get round the blockage of certain websites. The latest draft decree certainly points to a further step towards a dystopian future for Turkish freedom of expression and human rights, but it could also instigate new imaginings for the future of social and digital change." Opinion