Tuesday, May 31, 2005

chinadaily.com.cn, Afghan TV shows tape of kidnapped Italian aid worker, 30 May 05
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Martin Lings, 29 May 05
The Daily Star - Business Articles - Mideast increasingly at risk from cyber-crime, 31 May 05: "In the Middle East, where experts say awareness of cyber-crimes as well as laws punishing such acts are lacking, the disclosure last week of a major breach of Internet routing equipment widely used across the world has also served to compound concerns that the region's businesses and consumers may be more vulnerable to cyber-crime than is generally acknowledged."
Gulf Daily News, Al Zarqawi admits injury, 31 May 05: "Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq Abu Musab Al Zarqawi last night confirmed he was 'lightly' wounded, denying reports that his injuries were serious, in a voice message posted on the Internet."
AKI, Libya: a-l-Qaeda message warns of future attack, 31 May 05: "An al-Qaeda cell in Libya has announced in a statement published on the Internet that it is planning an attack on the coastal city of Darna, in the north-east of the country. The message, picked up by the Arab newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi, goes on to say that to avoid this attack Libya must immediately release one of the cell's leaders from prison. "
adnki.com, Terrorism: Abu Hafs Brigade call sleepingi EUropean cells to action, 31 May 05: "The Abu Hafs al-Misri Brigades have called their 'sleeping' European cells to action with a message published on some of the most important Islamist internet forums saying: 'We ask all waiting mujahideen, wherever they are, to carry out the planned attack.' The message follows months of silence from the group which claimed responsibility for the Madrid train bombings on March 11 last year and threatened Italy last summer. "

Sunday, May 29, 2005

NY TImes/Press-Telegram, Lings: a scholar of Islamic philosophy, 29 May 05 "Dr. Martin Lings, a widely acclaimed British scholar whose books on Islamic philosophy, mysticism and art reflected his own deep belief in Sufism, the esoteric, purely spiritual dimension of Islam, died on May 12 at his home in Westerham, Kent County, England. He was 96."

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wired News: CIA: Take That, Cyberterrorism!,May 25 05 more on Silent Horizon
AP/Wired News: Big Brother Tries to Muscle ISPs, May 28 05
Internet Haganah, Web site shows how to attack US Embassy in Indonesia, May 27 05 comprehensive background research on sites referred to in varous articles.
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - Information Section of al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Statement that Zarqawi is in Good Health and Continues to Run the Jihad Operation Himself (Friday), 27 May 05: "Once again, al-Qaeda in Iraq dismisses media reports that Zarqawi named a substitute, stating: “the enemies of Allah broadcast through their mass media is only for the slipping in of malicious schemes.”"
Terrorism Focus, Volume 2, Issue 10 (May 27, 2005), New al-Qaeda Outfit Announces its Presence in Algeria: "Militant Islamist forums have circulated a statement dated May 8 purporting to announce the formation of a new al-Qaeda cell in Algeria. The group, Qa'idat al-Jihad fi al-Jaza'ir (al-Qaeda [base] of the Jihad in Algeria), has modeled its name on the group led by Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, which is known as Qa'idat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (al-Qaeda of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers)."
Japanese hostage feared slain in Iraq - World - smh.com.au, 29 May 05: "A four-minute video from the extremist Army of Ansar al-Sunna had showed a man's back covered in blood and a picture of the hostage's passport. It said he had died from gunshot wounds received in an ambush."
- New York Times, 'No god but God': The War Within Islam, 29 May 05
AFP/Malaysian National News Agency :: BERNAMA, Al-Qaeda's leader in Iraq back in good health: Internet, 28 May 05: "'Our leader is in good health. He is directing the jihadist operations and has been following the details right up to the time that this statement was drafted,' according to the statement signed by the 'information chief' of the Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Land of Two Rivers, Abu Maisara al-Iraqi."
New York Post Online Edition: Qaeda crowing: evil Zarqawi back in action, 28 May 05: "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is in good health and is running his terror organization, according to an Internet posting yesterday purportedly from the group's spokesman — the latest claim about the fate of Iraq's most-wanted militant."

Friday, May 27, 2005

Khaleej Times Online, Mystery shrouds Al Zarqawi fate, 27 May 05: "A return to the battlefield after being injured by US forces could make Al Zarqawi look like 'superman,' Gen. Wafiq Al Samarie, the Iraqi presidential adviser for security affairs, speculated on Al Jazeera TV."
AFP/KurdishMedia News, 'Lion of Kurdistan' wants Zarqawi as his next trophy, 26 May 05: "Kusrat Rassul Ali, known locally as the 'Lion of Kurdistan', says he wants Iraq's Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as his next trophy after helping US troops track down Saddam Hussein in 2003. "
Reuters.com, CIA war game simulates major Internet attack, 26 May 05: "The CIA is conducting a cyber-war game this week geared to simulate a major Internet attack by enemy computer hackers, an intelligence official said Thursday." 'Silent Horizon' (unavailable on PS2)
adnki.com, Italy: First Islamic Radio Station Goes Live, 27 May 05: "The web-based Radio Islam, which describes itself as 'The voice of Muslims in Italy', is the initiative of a young Italian internet enthusiast who converted to Islam, Abdul-I-Kabir Aliotta. He launched Radio Islam with the aim of providing information about the religion and to give Muslims a new platform, according to the station's website (www.comislamica.net)."
Malaysian National News Agency :: BERNAMA, Multimedia Quran Programme Launched: "TM Net Sdn Bhd expects to increase its membership by between 8,000 and 10,000 a month through the launch of its Program Quran Multimedia (multimedia Quran programme) (QUMP), a joint-venture with Yayasan Restu.

"TM Net Chief Executive Officer Datuk Baharum Salleh said the joint-venture would increase the Bahasa Malaysia portal over TM Net and this would attract more Malaysians to subscribe to the broadband Internet." English version to follow. No URL yet (only on CD). Haven't seen it (anyone got a copy??)
SITE Institute: SITE Publications - Ansar al-Sunnah Prays for the Recovery of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, May 26 05
As Zarqawi's condition unclear, speculation rises about successor - The Boston Globe - Boston.com - 27 May 05: "As Zarqawi's condition unclear, speculation rises about successor"
Pakistan Observer - Urs of Hazrat Bari Imam next month - April 12, 2005 explains ritualistic significance of the Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif shrine.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Pakistan shrine bomb kills 20, 27 May 05 "Thousands of worshippers from the majority Sunni and minority Shia groups were attending a festival in the Bari Imam shrine on the outskirts of Islamabad at the time of the explosion, the private Geo television station said."

123world.com, Islamabad Pakistan "Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif (Bari Imam), located in the Noorpur Shahan, is famous for the mirror-studded shrine of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi, popularly known as Bari Imam. The shrine was originally built on the orders of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb."

from ptv.com.pk

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs, US fights Iraq fire with street fighters, May 25, 2005 : "Asia Times Online has learned that the US, instead of training up a regular professional Iraqi army, will create what in effect will be armed militias, acting under US central command, to take the militias of the resistance on at their own game."
southmanchesterreporter.co.uk, Muslims can net a bride, 26 May 05 "Harry Boota, 49, is has launched a range of internet-based services aimed at muslims, including a site for people looking for marriage and an e-mail service called Musmail. His first site, Muslim Brides, received more than three million hits since it went live last August and plans are underway for a separate site dedicated to single professionals looking for partners."
ITP.net, Waseel signs US$13.3 initial investment contract with Injazat, 23 May 05: "Injazat Technology Fund, the first Islamic venture capital firm in the MENA region recently signed an initial investment contract with Waseel, the leading medical insurance application service provider (ASP) in Saudi Arabia. The agreement was signed based on Waseel’s recent evaluation at US$13.3 million and provides Injazat an equity stake in Waseel."
ITP.net, News: Dubai e-government aims to fly high, 25 May 05
ITP.net, News: UAE authorities clamp down on Skype, 3 May 05 VoIP skype.com site blocked in UAE
Saudi clerics differ on Iraq ‘jihad’ fatwa -DAWN, May 21, 2005: "Leading Saudi clerics are now openly dissenting against a fatwa describing the war in Iraq as jihad and one of them has urged Saudi youths not to go to Iraq. In an interview with the Saudi Okaz newspaper, Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali — a radical scholar who had spent five years in prison for criticizing the government — also said that he had never called upon Saudis to join the Iraqi insurgency."
arabnews.com, Should Women Be Allowed to Drive? An Ideological Battle, 25 May 05: "Should women be allowed to drive in this country one day, some credit should be given to the man who is now being fiercely attacked in the Saudi media and in cyberspace for raising the issue in the Shoura Council. A week after Dr. Muhammad Al-Zulfa told the press that he intended to present to the Shoura Council a paper with 18 points for discussion concerning women driving in the Kingdom, the attacks on him have not stopped."
FrontPage magazine.com :: MAS's Muslim Brotherhood Problem by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, May 27 05 opinion piece
expressindia, Militant Islam lures many teenage recruits, 26 May 05
Aljazeera.Net - Selection of al-Zarqawi deputy denied, 26 May 05
AP/IHT, Deputy appointed to head Al Qaeda. 26 May 05 Abu Hafs al-Gerni appointed as ‘‘deputy of the holy warriors.", according to net statements.
AP/CBCWebsite announces deputy appointed to fill in for "al-Qaida in Iraq" leader, 26 May 05: "A website statement posted Thursday and signed off in the name of 'al-Qaida in Iraq' said the militant group has appointed a deputy to take the lead until the wounded Abu Musab al-Zarqawi returns. But the statement's authenticity could not be initially verified and another statement denied the claim."
BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Pirated Star Wars hits Pakistan, 25 May 05

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Reuters AlertNet - Zarqawi supporters post get-well messages on Web, 25 May 05: "'Do not be sparing in your prayers for a speedy recovery for the Sheikh and may God return him to the fray in safety,' the poster said, signing off with a graphic that featured Zarqawi's face, a bloodied knife and the words 'behead'."
NPR : Insurgent Leader Zarqawi Injured, Web Site Reports, 25 May 05 audio coverage.

BBC News, Zarqawi 'injury' attracts prayers, 25 May 05 "In Iraq, a text message was circulating on mobile phones celebrating the injury and congratulating whoever had inflicted it."

AP/boston.com, Internet message claims al-Zarqawi fled Iraq, suffers lung injury but stable, 25 May 05 "The claim's authenticity could not be confirmed. The site used to carry messages from al-Qaida, but has fallen out of use recently. Soon, the statement appeared on another militant site, where other posters quickly denounced it as untrue and unauthorized by the terror group."

Cyber Nawab: Indian Muslim Orgs Awaken to the Web, May 25 2005 Ayub Khan has posted an interesting article on Indian Muslim organisational web profiles, including URLs.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Next iTunes to support podcasts, 24 May 05 potential for online sermons (previously discussed)
Persian Students in the UK: Iranian Super-Car Maker "Check Farboud's website for pictures and videos of the Farboud GTS. This car has gotten many positive reviews and words from different magazines."
military.com, Iraqi Insurgent Sniper Training lifted from Baghdad Al-Rashid.com
Kuna site|Story page|Fastlink launches information systems centers in J...22 May 05: "Jordan Mobile Telephone Services Company Ltd. (Fastlink) launched an initiative to establish Information Technology (IT) community centers in Jordan and territories of Palestinian National Authority (PNA)."
Kuna site|Story page|Moderation in Islam a must, not a choice: Egypt''s...24 May 05: "Egypt's Mufti Ali Jumaa stressed Tuesday that Muslims should follow moderation as a duty and not a choice in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran."

Monday, May 23, 2005

SITE Institute: SITE Publications - Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces Several Operations by al-Ramadi and al- Khalidya Mujahideen, 23 May 05
Counterpunch, Kevin Zeese: Inventing a Pretext for War, an Interview with James Bamford, 23 May 05: "The terrorists move from country to country, communicate at a minimum, use disposable phones, calling cards, payphones, the Internet and other hard to trace equipment. During the 1990s the NSA - the country's largest and most expensive intelligence agency - downsized by one third. At the same time, there was an enormous increase in new modes and volume of communication, from cell phones to e-mail to high-speed data transfers. "
Zarqawi group claims to have executed US-Iraqi businessman - Forbes.com, 23 May 05: "The group of al-Qaeda frontman in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has claimed yesterday's execution of an Iraqi-American businessman who was kidnapped four days earlier in Baghdad. "
New Criminologist News: Tony Gurney Takes a Look at the Douglas Wood Situation and the Power granted to Terrorists by the Internet, 21 May 05 overview includes URLs
Islam Online- News Section, Al-Azhar Rare Manuscripts Go Online, 22 May 05: "“The project enables Internet users worldwide to have access to the 42,000 manuscripts and 128,000 books of Al-Azhar’s library, Egypt's second biggest library after the Bibliotheca Alexandrina,” Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohamed Sayyid Tantawi told the launch ceremony on Saturday, May 21."
.aljazeerah.info, Muslim lives are desecrated, not just their book By Ramzy Baroud, May 23 05 opinion piece
muslimuzbekistan.com, ::: Path fo Faith: Andijan massacre a clarion call to Uzbek Muslims, May 22 05: "The blocking of all foreign TV news and Internet news sites for more than a week already will not stop the word of the hundreds of innocent deaths, the firing on peaceful demonstrators from a helicopter, the truck full of trigger-happy soldiers which ploughed into the crowd not once but three times, murdering people who could no longer tolerate the vileness of their government and who had no other option."
Malaysian National News Agency :: BERNAMA, Install Special Software To Block Access To Porno On Internet, Says Dr M, May 23 2005: "Parents should use special anti-pornography software to prevent teenage children from accessing pornographic websites on the Internet, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Monday."
Reuters, Holocaust museum geared to Arabs opens in Israel, 23 May 05 "An Israeli Arab has opened what he calls the first Holocaust museum geared to an Arab audience, saying the prospect of peace would improve if Arabs knew more about the Nazi genocide against Jews."
Top News Article | Reuters.com, Al Qaeda says behind killing of Iraq official - Web, 23 May 05""Your brothers in ... squadron of Al Qaeda Organization for Holy War in Iraq killed Wael Rubaie, head of the operations room in the Ministry of State for National Security, as he headed to work in central Baghdad and his driver was also killed," said a group statement on an Islamist Web site."

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Times Online, Is this the way to Vlogging stardom?, May 21, 2005
Times Online, Muslims seeking paradise turn to extremism in the face of poverty, 21 May 05
Fatwa is now a feminist issue - Comment - Times Online piece on Irshad Manji by Ruth Gledhill, which refers to 'Project Ijtihad'.. It claims: "One of her subversive acts was to post Arabic and Urdu translations of her book on her website, www.muslim-refusenik.com. They are being read in multimegabyte bucketloads by Muslims in Pakistan and the Middle East." Note: there is a discussion on ijtihad in Islam in the Digital Age. It was also the focus of my doctoral research.

Friday, May 20, 2005

AP/Monterey County Herald | 05/19/2005 | Muslim angry at Amazon over defaced Quran copy "A Muslim woman who said she ordered a Quran through Amazon.com only to find profanity and religious slurs written on its cover page asked Wednesday for an apology and a full investigation by the online retailer."
Islam Online, Pakistani Scholars Prohibit Attacks on Mosques, Innocents, 19 May 05: "A cohort of fifty eight Pakistani scholars from different sects have issued a fatwa (religious edict) branding as haram (forbidden) suicide attacks against Muslims and mosques across the Asian country. "
Aljazeera.Net, Jordan: Al-Zarqawi influences his hometown youth, 20 May 05 short video report on the Jordanian 'electronic jihad' case. Here's UPI's report: washingtontimes.com, Jordanian sentenced for Internet threat, 17 May 05
MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis Series - No. 222, Tunisian Reformist Thinker: Secularism is Vital for the Future of the Arab and Muslim World By Aluma Dankowitz, 19 May 05: "On several reformist Arabic-language websites, Tunisian thinker Al-'Afif Al-Akhdar posted an in-depth analysis of the necessary reforms needed in the Arab and Muslim world concluding that secularism is vital for its future. "
Islam Online- Health & Science, The Puzzling Success of Open Source, 19 May 05 interesting general article on OS, which happened to turn up in Islam-Online.
uruknet.info, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Syria: More Black Propaganda from the Bush Lie Factory, May 19 2005
Terrorism Monitor, The 'Virtual Hand' of Jihad, Volume 3, Issue 10 (May 19, 2005): "Analyzing case studies of nearly 500 globally-networked Jihadists (again, over 80% live in diaspora communities) University of Pennsylvania forensic psychiatrist Marc Sageman, a former intelligence case officer who ran operations during the Afghan-Soviet War, finds that the social networks of these hard-to-penetrate militant groups are composed of about 20% kin and 70% friends (who tend to become kin over time through intermarriage)."
Reuters AlertNet - Muslims dispute Zarqawi over killing innocents, May 19 05: "Many Arab Muslims on Thursday dismissed the religious justification for killing innocents given by al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, saying it was not the Islam they knew and any resistance had rules to protect civilians."
washingtontimes.com, Zarqawi says Islam condones bloodshed - (United Press International), 20 May 05: "'The shedding of Muslim blood ... is allowed in order to avoid the greater evil of disrupting jihad,' the speaker said, going on to defend suicide attacks. 'The killing of infidels by any method including martyrdom operations has been sanctified by many scholars even if it meant killing innocent Muslims.'" Zarqawi's opinion as placed online
ThisisLondon, Backlash fear over Saddam pictures, 20 May 05 "Sensational pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underwear were printed last night - reigniting the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal." original pix are in The Sun - interestingly enough not on the online edition, only in print. [ThisIsLondon have helpfully scanned the Sun's front page on their coverage].

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

arabnews.com, Region's First e-Govt Solution Center Launched, 17 May 05: "CIO, IBM and Gulf Business Machines (GBM), of which BBM is a part, have worked closely together over the last two years to build an end to end e-government infrastructure for Bahrain on a platform based on open standards. Bahrain is the first government in the Middle East to join a growing number of governments around the world who are adopting open standards for their e-government initiatives in order to benefit from reduced costs and increased flexibility."
bignewsnetwork.com, Did you try Arabian Linux?, 16 May 05 details: www.arabian.arabicos.com
scotsman.com, Interior Ministry Official Gunned Down in Baghdad, 18 May 05
Qantara.de - "Xenophilia" - An Intercultural Computer Game - Learning Intercultural Skills by Playing: "Why would the Chinese never blow their nose at the table, and what is the name of the Islamic prayer leader? The computer game 'Xenophilia' guides young people through the world of social etiquette, good manners, and customs in other countries."
SBS - Morale boost crashes computers, 18 May 05
Times Online, Squaddies' Amarillo video causes MoD meltdown, 17 May 05 "Staff Sergeant Roger Parr shot the video at their base in Al Faw, Iraq, before e-mailing it back to army friends in the UK. But so many soldiers tried to download the video that it brought down the Ministry of Defence computer servers."
Wired News: Firefox Users Monkey With the Web, 17 May 05 excessively cool application for net researchers ...
Australian IT - Washington's WiFi wide open (Correspondents in Washington, MAY 18, 2005): "A Hacker on a park bench could log onto dozens of US government computer networks thanks to slipshod security standards at many agencies, according to a new report."
MSNBC.com, German political spam spread by virus, 18 May 05 : "Some e-mail inboxes filled up with German-language spam over the weekend, as the well-traveled Sober virus was apparently turned into a propaganda machine by its author."
washingtonpost.com /MSNBC, Koran allegation may long resonate, 18 May 05 "In markets and tea shops, the news bulletin flashed from transistor radios in Arabic and Urdu, Dari and Pashto. In universities and business offices, it raced across the Internet. In mosques and religious schools, it was repeated from pulpits and loudspeakers."
Iraqi Islamic group kills two US contractors. 18/05/2005. ABC News Online: "Islamic militant group Army of Ansar al-Sunna says it has shot dead two Iraqis working for a subcontractor for a unit of US company Halliburton, according to an Internet video."
Afgha.com - Alienating the Hearts and Minds of the Muslims, 16 May 05
Sky News : Islamic Terror Suspects Charged, 18 May 05
The New York Times > Technology > Personal Data for the Taking, 18 May 05
BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Explosive showdown in Senate, 18 May 05: "George Galloway had vowed to give US senators 'both barrels' and after sitting - coiled - through an hour-and-half of testimony against him, he unloaded all his ammunition. " includes video 'highlights' link of Mr Galloway's performance.
BBC NEWS | Americas | White House hits out at Newsweek, 18 May 05: "The White House has urged Newsweek to take the lead in repairing the US' image among Muslims after its retracted report about desecration of the Koran."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

egypttoday.com, Gamal El-Banna, 17 May 05: "Gamal El-Banna, Moderate Islamic thinker, author of more than 40 books on Islam, brother of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan El-Banna"
Briton Accused of Raising Terror Funds Can Be Extradited - New York Times, 17 May 05
ThisisLondon, Judge agrees to extradition of terror suspect, 17 May 05: "A judge has ruled that London terror suspect Babar Ahmad can be extradited to the US. "
A Message From Babar Ahmad statement and poem from Ahmad (see link immediately below)
Times Online, 'Terror website' suspect can face US justice, judge rules, 17 May 05: "A British man accused of running al-Qaeda recruiting websites can be extradited to the United States to face terrorism charges, a judge ruled today." This refers to the Babar Ahmad case, previously blogged on these pages. Details of the pro-Ahmad campaign can be found here
Reuters AlertNet - Afghan widows demand release of kidnapped Italian, 17 May 05: "Several hundred Afghan widows gathered on Tuesday to demand the immediate release of a kidnapped Italian aid worker who had been helping them and thousands of other impoverished widows support themselves." CARE's latest statement on this can be found on their website.

Monday, May 16, 2005

CNN.com - Bloggers' conference emphasizes tools of reporting - May 9, 2005: "Bloggers -- those Internet-based writers without rules -- are fighting back against criticism that their work is unreliable, libelous or just poorly done." let's hope they don't get too close to the mainstream media ...
WorldTribune.com: Al Qaida targets Mauritania, funds Wahabi mosques, 13 May 05
HindustanTimes.com, , 'Osama, Mullah Omar still alive' : 16 May 05 "Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar are alive and would soon send a video cassette to prove their presence to warn the US, said a journalist who has met both the terrorists."
adnki.com, Algeria: new al-qaeda cell seeking Salafite allies, 11 May 05: "A statement published on several Islamist internet forums has announced the creation of a new al-Qaeda cell in Algeria. In the document, signed by previously unknown Abu Suheib Maliani, there are references to forming an organised group called al-Qaeda of the Jihad in Algeria. The name takes its lead from Jordanian militant Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who calls his group al-Qaeda of the Jihad in Iraq. "
FrontPage magazine.com :: War Blog by FrontPage Magazine opinion on the Newsweek/Qur'an controversy.
RedState.org || Juan Cole Protesteth Too Much, 15 May 05 opinion piece with web thread (responds to earlier discusson on jihadi activities online and the 'martyrdom' websites)
BBC NEWS | Business | 'Gender gap' is biggest in Egypt, 16 May 05
Reuters AlertNet - Muslims sceptical over Newsweek back-track on Koran, 16 May 05: "Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan were sceptical on Monday about an apparent retraction by Newsweek magazine of a report that U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran and said U.S. pressure was behind the climb-down."

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Reuters, Arabs, South Americans back Iraq, Palestinians, 15 May 05 "South American and Arab countries gave support for the Palestinians in their fight for an South American and Arab countries gave support for the Palestinians in their fight for an independent state but condemned terrorism on Wednesday at the end of the first summit of leaders of the two regions.independent state but condemned terrorism on Wednesday at the end of the first summit of leaders of the two regions."
Times/FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Report: Zarqawi 'Seriously Wounded', 15 May 05: "The doctor told an Iraqi reporter in the western city of Ramadi that Zarqawi was bleeding heavily when he was brought into hospital on Wednesday." clearly awaiting verification of this.
The Editor's Desk - Letters & Live Talk - MSNBC.com re. Qur'an desecration story
consumeraffairs.com, USA PATRIOT Act Rewards ChoicePoint, Other Private Databases, 15 May 05: "One of the key provisions of the PATRIOT Act, Section 326, mandates that banks set up a process to verify the identity of all new customers opening accounts of any kind. That system, called the Customer Identification Program (CIP), would be maintained as a database and cross-referenced against a government-provided 'watch list' of known terrorists, suspected terrorists, and individuals being investigated for possible suspicious activity. The database would be used to track money laundering and financing of terrorist activities within the United States."
CBC News: Al-Qaeda said to favour Canadian recruits, 14 May 05: "Security investigators have responded to the trend of expanded recruitment by doing things like monitoring internet chat rooms for angry youths willing to join a cause, the report says."
Washington Post/Egypt Election - 'Martyrs' In Iraq, Mostly Saudis, 15 May 05: "'The Internet sites try to recruit people -- it's the best recruitment tool,' said Saudi security analyst Nawaf Obaid. Obaid, who has worked closely with the government, said he found 47 cases of Saudis who were dead or injured reported in the kingdom's newspapers, far lower than Internet totals, and had concluded the overall number of Saudi jihadis in Iraq was in the hundreds. 'But young guys, they read [on the Internet] we have thousands of Saudis there and think, 'I have to go, too.' '"
Egypt Today, President of Al-Azhar University, advocate of moderation and tolerance, former Mufti, 15 May 05
Times Online, Police raid UK home of Saudi extremist, 15 May 05

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Asia Times, Academia abducted by flying sources - Terrorism and Violence in Southeast Asia, Transnational Challenges to States and Regional Stability edited by Paul J Smith
lively book review, which makes some good points about assumptions and sources.
Asia Times, Taliban radio back on the air, 11 May 05
Asia Times, Mr Osama, are you OK?, 11 May 05
Asia Times, The 'Talibanization' of Central Asia, 12 May 05
The News, Have we come to this?, 11 May 05: "The desecration of the Holy Qur'aan in Guantanamo Bay simply to cause psychological torment to the incarcerated Muslims, with no thought to the sensitivity of innocent Muslims across the globe, certainly makes it clear how the US administration views Muslims."
adnki.com, Algeria: Nuova cellula di al-Qaeda cerca alleanze con Salafiti, 11 May 05 : "Con una nota apparsa nei forum islamici in internet è stata annunciata oggi la nascita di una nuova cellula di Al-Qaeda in Algeria."
Significant news (if true) relating to the production of online manuals such as Sawt al-Jihad: ADNKI.com, Saudi Arabia: 'Voice of the Jihad' editor reportedly arrested, 11 May 05: "A militant arrested two days ago in the Saudi capital Riyadh has been identified by the police as the man in charge of al-Qaeda's information operation in the country ...

" ... A statement from the ministry said Abdel Aziz bin Rashid bin Hamdan al-Tawili al-Anzi is "one of the promoters of deviant ideology" ("deviant" being the word the Saudi authorities often use to refer to al-Qaeda), publishing statements from al-Qaeda's Saudi cell on the internet."
AFP/Khaleej Times Online, Zarqawi group vows more jihad in Iraq: website, 11 May 05
uruknet.info, Cheap Heat, 8 May 05: "Manji should go to the library, or access the Internet and read something about world history in the 20th century Arab world." apparently originally on malcomlauche.com, this is a critique of Irshdad Manji.
AP/SudanTribune, Sudan suspends publication of daily over blasphemy claim, 10 May 05: "Ahmed first appeared before Khartoum's Northern Court on Thursday for republishing articles from the Internet that questioned the parentage of the Islam's Prophet Muhammad. He denied the charges and apologized in a letter to the press."
moroccoTimes.com/NYT, Terrorism
Terror in the past and future tense, 10 May 05
: "As streaming video penetrates the most remote parts of the world, every Web-cam-equipped terro-vangelist will have global reach. And information technologies, like the advancing weapons technologies whose use they make more likely, are equal-opportunity empowerers: radical Islam, radical environmentalism, neo-Nazism, whatever." reflections on the net by Robert Wright
thestar.com.my, Explain ban on books, ministry urged, 11 May 05 "DAP publicity secretary Teresa Kok said the books were not only available through the Internet but some, such as A History of God by Karen Armstrong, had been widely used by students of religious studies."

dcealumni.com, News Journal, Marines push toward Iraq’s Syrian border, governor of Anbar province abducted, 11 May 05
"... the insurgent group Ansar al-Sunna said in an internet statement it had ambushed a foreign security convoy in western Iraq and captured a Japanese citizen. A picture of the man’s passport posted on the internet gave his name as Akihiko Saito, 44.

"An Iraqi military officer in Anbar said the kidnapping took place when the governor, his son and a local police chief were traveling to observe the U.S. assault and were ambushed by armed men. It was believed to be a joint operation conducted by two insurgent groups, al Qaeda in Iraq and Ansar al-Islam.""
Free Press, Growing Islamic Community: Building boom, 11 May 05 News from Detroit, with an online twist:

" ... [Professor John] Esposito described a March visit to see Qazwini, when the imam asked if he would like to meet some young people.

"'I thought we'd have coffee with a few people,' Esposito said. But, he said, the center's Young Muslim Association 'got onto the Internet and invited everyone.' Instead of a coffee shop, [Imam Hassan] Qazwini ushered Esposito into a hall packed with hundreds of young men and women. The scholar delivered an impromptu talk, then found the young people quickly streaming digital audio of his speech across the Internet.""
CNN.com - Report: Hacker infiltrated government computers - May 10, 2005
icWales - Kuwait lifts ban on Al-Jazeera, 11 May 05
ABC News: AP: Ethnic Rifts Tearing at al-Qaida, 10 May 05 it'll be interesting to monitor any perceived 'rift' online - it could also be a case of wishful thinking on the part of American and Pakistan intelligence officials.
arabnews.com, EasyNet Heats Up ISP Competition, 11 May 05: "Saudi Telecom’s EasyNet is increasing Internet interest in the Eastern Province, with Internet service providers (ISPs) competing with one another to attract users with enhanced services and rewards programs."
BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Australia's controversial Mufti, 10 May 05
BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Riots over US Koran 'desecration', 11 May 05
BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Pakistan's first women fighter pilots, 11 May 05

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Free Babar Ahmad updates on the trial, including messages of support
The struggle continues - Dr. Ali Al-Timimi's Support Committee details al-Timimi's recent trial, together with collected articles and lectures.
strategypage.com, The Internet Battlefield in Iraq, 10 May 05 counter-terrorism discussion/opinion piece
uruknet.info, 'We are very good drivers...', 9 May 05 originally on :
this article explores the 'significance' of the AQ Number 3
Aljazeera.Net - Japan rejects captors' demands in Iraq, 10 May 05
csmonitor.com, Kabul's must-see TV heats up culture war in Afghanistan | csmonitor.com, 10 May 05
A new 'Mecca of Arabic studies'? | csmonitor.com, 10 May 05 non-tech
Mufti under fire over jihad talk | National Breaking News | Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au (09-05-2005): "A FORMER translator for Australia's Muslim leader has criticised the mufti's choice of language in a message sent to the captors of Australian hostage Douglas Wood."
BreakingNews.ie: Al-Qaida suspect endorses fatwa against Bin Laden, 10 May 05: "An alleged al-Qaida member on trial in Madrid said today he endorsed a fatwa issued by Spanish Muslims against Osama bin Laden, condemning terrorism as he took the stand as a suspected member of a cell that allegedly helped plot the September 11 attacks on the US."
timesonline.co.uk, Covert to jihad whose travels took him to bin Laden, 9 May 05 refers to the case of Mohammed Meguerba and associated allegations: "Released on bail, he said that he was encouraged by others at the Finsbury Park mosque to return to Algeria and join the Dhamat Houmet Daawa Salafia group. This group is designated by the UN Security Council as a terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda. "
arabnews.com, Children Learn the Technology They Live, 10 May 05: "The teachers at DEMS believe it is important that children be computer literate but some parents think that technology is taking over their children's lives. Bosch frequently gets complaints from parents that their children spend large amounts of time at home on the computer. She acknowledges that this has its positive and negative points."
AME Info, Cyber law for UAE, 9 May 05 "Included in offences which will attract prison terms and fines are: publishing or downloading pornographic material, using the internet for blackmail, and publishing content that attacks religions or supports terrorist groups."
bignewsnetwork.com, Arabian Events organizes The Internet Security Systems (ISS) road, 9 May 05: "Starting from 18th May to 8th June the ISS Middle East Road show will stop in 8 strategic cities- Kuwait, Doha, Manama, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah and Riyadh. "
AP, From Rice to Software, Arabs and South Americans Looking to Boost Trade, May 9 05
Marriage Sites Becoming Hugely Popular: "A new marriage website eZawaj.com, after the success of Qiran.com and Nasebak.com, is becoming hugely popular in the Kingdom and the Gulf states with over 700,000 registered members. It is recording more than 1.5 million hits per day.

" ... The promoters said of the success of eZawaj.com that the "alarming number of unmarried people and the difficulties of marriage — such as high dowry and limited social network — compelled the site owners to utilize the Internet positively and make it possible for people to meet for the purpose of marriage and establishing a family.""
IslamOnline - Origins of Mother’s Day: To Celebrate or Not?, 9 May 05 this refers to the US date, as the Day is celebrated at another time in UK
p2pnet.net, Firefox is full of bugs, 10 May 05: "One of the important aspects of open source outlined in 'Wide Open' is that it isn't really a new idea. Authors Geoff Mulgan and Tom Steinberg point out that 'for centuries the pursuit of knowledge has been undertaken in ways that involve widely dispersed groups commenting on each others' work. The evolution of the Talmud in Judaism is one example, and the tradition of interpretation in Islam is another.'" back to the open source Islam idea (again), see below & passim:
Denver Business Journal, CompassCom seeks release of two held in United Arab Emirates, 8 May 05 digital mappers kept in UAE
alt.muslim, Open-Source Ijtihad: Meet The Ijtihackers, 9 May 05: "The belief that independent reasoning, information sharing and civil debate are powerful positive goods for the umma, and that it is an ethical duty of ijtihackers to promote openness in the practice of Islam by facilitating access to information, resources, and technologies. The projects that ijtihackers can undertake are only limited by our imagination." The original article appeared here: ideant, Open Ijtihad: Technology and New Opportunities for Community Building and Activism. I discuss the issue of ijtihad (in varying forms) in Islam in the Digital Age.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

latimes.com, Piety and Power, 8 May 05
Militants vow revenge for mosque shooting - Iraq's new chapter - MSNBC.com, 6 May 05 ""O nation of Islam, do not be surprised (by the ruling to clear the Marine) ... as they are crusaders and Jews who have declared war on Islam and Muslims," said a statement from Al-Qaida Organization for Holy War in Iraq on an Islamist Web site."
satribune.com, More Outrageous Lies From MQM's Fake Aalim Online allegations
CNN.com - Afghan blast kills U.N. worker - May 8, 2005 "A U.N. worker was among three people killed in an explosion at an Internet cafe in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials said Sunday."

Thursday, May 05, 2005

TechCentral: The Joi of Blogging, 5 May 05
Star (Malaysia) TechCentral: At the top of their game, 5 May 05: "Women have also risen high in the private sector. Much credit for the phenomenon must go to the Government's pro-women policies, and its focus on the advancement of women, who make up about half of the country's workforce."

Monday, May 02, 2005

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies two new reviews of Islam in the Digital Age, by Alan Sondheim and Robert Tynes.
latest edition of sawt al-jihad is published: Middle East Online, Saudi Al-Qaeda branch makes Internet comeback, 27 Apr 05: "The 29th edition of the magazine, which runs to more than 40 pages, includes an editorial by Saud al-Otaibi, written before he was killed in the April 3-5 clashes and who is described by the authorities as Al-Qaeda's chief in Saudi Arabia."
Times of Oman, Iraq detains five over murder of British hostage, 1 May 05: "Iraqi troops detained five suspects in the murder of British hostage Margaret Hassan on Sunday after recovering some of her belongings in a raid in a rare coup for the country's under-fire security forces."
Allegations from The Times: Qatar buys off Al-Qaeda attacks with oil millions - Sunday Times - Times Online, 1 May 05: "In a recent message broadcast via the internet, Osama Bin Laden told followers that operations in Iraq were costing Al-Qaeda more than £500,000 a month."
MAKE: Blog: Hacking in Iraq, Interview with Jake Appelbaum tech update from Kurdistan/Iraq from video blogger Appelbaum haven't had a chance to study the blog yet, but will give it a go soon.
Cairo Magazine - The next revolution, 27 Apr 05: "Only a few years ago, erratic dialup was the only way to get online in Egypt. Then, free internet, ISDN lines, DSL lines and Wi-Fi have come in rapid succession, revolutionizing internet access. Even more change could come with the latest technology to hit the country with Power Line Communications (PLC) connecting to the internet through power outlets."
IslamOnline - Islam and Muslims in Cyberspace: From (Re)presenting to (Re) understanding, 28 Apr 05 cites Virtually Islamic, in this overview of issues.
Gulf Times Newspaper - Internet posting bin Laden mystery, 30 Apr 05: "The entry on www.islam-minbar.net website began by saying there was news bin Laden had died but went on to say he was alive but, as a human being, could die any time and that Muslims should be prepared for that when it happens."
Another hostage pleads for life - World - Times Online, 1 May 05: "Last night it appeared that al-Zarqawi may have another card to play: a videotape showed a kidnapped Australian who identified himself as Douglas Wood begging for his life and surrounded by gunmen."
OfficialWire: 'Kingdom Of Heaven' May Aid Interfaith Dialogue, 1 May 05 : "Unfortunately, Internet chat rooms and talk radio shows are already abuzz with the concerns of those who cannot fathom how Muslims can be portrayed as dignified, proud and humane people for whom the ends did not justify the means. Media reports indicated that some conservative Christian are 'marshalling their forces' against the film, claiming it is 'insulting and unfair.'"
Jihad Unspun - Abu Messab Al-Zarqawi: O People Of Islam! Strength, Strength!, 2 May 05: "A new tape from the leader of al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers that surfaced Friday has not only sparked a sharp rise in attacks over the weekend but follows to the letter the al-Qaida Strategy To The Year 2020, adding further validity to that document."
AP/Las Vegas SUN: al-Qaida May Target White House, Vatican, 2 May 05