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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Translating the internet into Arabic

Guardian, Spread the word: the Iraqis translating the internet into Arabic 

"Just 0.6% of internet content is available in Arabic, despite it being the fourth most common language among internet users. Ideas Beyond Borders (IBB), the organisation behind the House of Wisdom 2.0 translation project, plans to narrow this chasm and democratise access to knowledge for the Arab world."

Back to Basics: Virtually Islamic blog

Due to technical issues with my website, I have decided to mirror future posts here in the future. Some posts on my central site will also be made available here in due course. .This version dates back to 2003, so there is plenty to check out (with a slight gap Nov 2018-Oct 2019). Many themes previously blogged can be found on my Twitter and Facebook

AICIS Round-up

I gave a presentation, 'Inside the Fatwa Machine' in the AICIS 2019 Annual Conference, in Jakarta, 1-4 October 2019. I had the chance to meet many researchers working in related areas, some of whom I only previously knew via social media. There are more photos on my research Facebook page [search: Gary R. Bunt]

Indonesian Internet Influencers

Mindmap: Cyber Islamic Environments
Indonesian Internet Influencers
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Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019 Posts

Restored links September 2019

Qandeel Baloch Case

Channel News Asia, Brother of murdered Pakistan social media star gets life in 'honour killing' case Discover More…

Hijab and Social Media

New and noted: R. Kauser, Exploring the self-presentation of female Muslims, who wear the hijab, on the social networking site 'Instagram.' (Manchester Metropolitan University, 2019) [PDF]

ISIS Research - Trauma

Graeme Wood, The Atlantic, I Watched ISIS Videos, and Felt My Soul Diminished

Rumiyah Analysed

Stuart Macdonald, Daniel Grinnell, Anina Kinzel & Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, RUSI Journal, Daesh, Twitter and the Social Media Ecosystem: A Study of Outlinks Contained in Tweets Mentioning Rumiyah 

Egypt Security Issues

The New Arab, Egyptian security services 'conducting illegal random phone searches' in protest crackdown

Mosul Eye Profile

BBC News, Fighting the Islamic State group online

Anti-Muslim Instagram Prosecution

Independent, Man jailed over anti-Muslim Instagram posts alongside topless photos with gun


Coconuts Jakarta, #HidupMahasiswa! Spirit and creativity of Indonesia’s student protesters shown on social media 

Islamic fintech

FT, Islamic fintech pioneers test creative ways to engage consumers

Uighur Research

Darren Byler, Fast Company, For China’s Muslim minority, the internet was a safe haven—until it wasn’t Discover More…

IS Prisoners

Jeff Seldin, VOA, Makeshift Prisons for Islamic State Fighters Reaching Breaking Point

Instagram Influencers

Dhruti Shah, BBC News, The 'brown girls' out to conquer Instagram  

Viral Indonesia Child Poverty

Coconut, Viral: Parents in Indonesia give their baby 5 cups of coffee a day because they say they can’t afford milk

Tajikistan 'Sex-Video Trap'

RFE/FL, Sex-Video Trap Aims To Defame Female Activist In Tajikistan 

Neo-Nazis Are Glorifying Osama Bin Laden

Ben Makuch and Mack Lamoureux, Vice, Motherboard, Neo-Nazis Are Glorifying Osama Bin Laden

iMuslims @10

Hard to believe, but my book iMuslims came out ten years ago 

bunt_imuslims Discover More…

Mona Eltahawy Book

New and noted: Mona Eltahawy, The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls, Beacon Press 

KSA Abaya Online Debate

Mariam Nabbout, Stepfeed, Saudi scholar believes women 'shouldn't be forced to wear abayas'

Israa Ghrayeb - updated

BBC News, Israa Ghrayeb: Palestinian woman's death prompts soul-searching


Nosheen Iqbal, Guardian, Lifestyle website for Muslim teens is covertly funded by the Home Office 

Social Media & Atheism

Leo Igwe, Maravi Post, Islam, Social Media and Rise of Atheism in Northern Nigeria 

IS Chemical Weapons Expert

VOA, Iraq Sentences Islamic State’s Woman Chemical Weapons Expert

Lebanon 'Embrace'

StepFeed, People in Lebanon can now prevent suicide from happening ... on Facebook

Detained Bloggers

BBC News, Australian and British bloggers held in Iran named

Wael Ghonim

AlBawaba, What Happened to Wael Ghonim, Egypt's Revolution Icon?

NL Salafi

DutchNews.nl, Mosque-run Salafist schools are teaching children sharia law: report

Selfies in Mecca

New and noted: an article on Selfies in Mecca (PDF) by Z. Khabibullina.